Instagram followers trick. Follow to be followed.

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Instagram followers trick. Follow to be followed.

An easy Instagram marketing trick that a lot of us may know, or not, is how you can easily build some followers. This instagram marketing trick takes time to see it's full potential, but the results start rolling in fairly quick.

To start off all you'll need is a smart phone and some extra time on your hands. What you'll need to do is open up your instagram app and begin searching for your competitors. YES search for your competitors, it sounds odd but just do it Instagram followers trick.  Follow to be followed.

I'm going to use "surf boards" as an example since it's not even close to my niche.

What you'll do is simply search the term "Surf Boards" (without quotes) and you'll get a pretty large results page. Look for all of the people that have over 100k followers. This might take some time depending on how big your niche is. What I normally do is follow anyone who has over 100k followers because once I do that I will get a small amount of their followers seeing that I just followed the profile and they will come to my profile and if they like what they see, they will follow me. These new followers are usually easy to pull in on a sale because they already like what you have and they did the time to look you over and decided they liked what they saw. If they already like you, they're more willing to pay you for something you offer Instagram followers trick.  Follow to be followed.

Now this little trick works well if you have a good sized niche and will also work well with small niches but you'll have to follow almost every result for the keywords you look up. It will take time to build up your following because for every large profile you follow, you'll get 1-5 or more followers in return depending on how large the other follower base is. And if the profile has millions of followers then there's likely a chance to get a ton of people following you back but the window is much smaller because more people are going to be following the same profile and you will fall off of the top results in their followers list. Falling off of the top of the list will make it so that people won't see you and that means no more followers from that person/profile you followed. Make sense?

You can unfollow the profile and refollow it to jump back to the top of the listings, but if you do it too often you will be breaking the Instagram TOS and get your account suspended. If you get suspended you will have to reverify your account with Instagram and write them a sob letter saying that you didn't know you couldn't do that, just play dumb. After you do this they will usually reinstate your profile and you can continue to post and follow people. If you get your account suspended and then reinstated, I wouldn't follow then unfollow people/profiles anymore. You can follow the profiles just fine, but stay off of the radar of the unfollow police so that you don't lose your account forever.

Remember to follow me Instagram followers trick.  Follow to be followed.




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Awesome Raz. Other peoples followers on IG and on any social media site can be your own followers if you do this sort of thing. This is something I used to do with IG accounts in some niches I've been in before. One of them was in a coffee body scrub. It was based off an Australian company selling coffee that people literally scrub into their body. Well after "populating" my IG account with lots of cool pics of people scrubbing with coffee, along with some funny type ones too. It was much easier to get more followers. But I'd start with that at first and then start following people in that niche and then looking at their followers and following them. These people are much more likely to follow back since they're interested in knowing more about it or are interested by it in some way or another.

What I done was a bit sneaky though. I basically imitated their brand but not so much that I was imitating it if you know what I mean. Basically, everything I done and the way I looked, looked just like them. But it wasn't them, it was us. And we was doing what everyone else was doing. We were following in their footsteps and piggy backing off of their success. Eventually our website exploded and we were getting all these sales which were all mostly coming from Instagram. That site was a blast but it was far too time consuming fulfilling all those orders. In the end I just flipped it.

But this can be applied over and over again in many different niches. And I'm glad you said about what can happen on IG. I've never had that happen to me but I'm sure it's happened to many others too who got too zealous on there and triggered some flood spam or something lol.

Instagram followers trick.  Follow to be followed.

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lmao that meme is too OP Instagram followers trick.  Follow to be followed.

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This is very true and it applies to a lot of social media sites that rely on the follow/unfollow process like Tumblr and Twitter. I find it the best way to gain followers as well, I know a few "Instagram Stars" who had a lot of followers simply by doing a "follow and follow back" routine. The only catch to it is not all the people that follow you assures engagement.

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I had read in one discussion that following a popular blogger can give you an advantage so I guess that also applies to Instagram. However, I don’t have an Instagram account so I cannot clearly relate to that following trick. What I have in mind is that when you follow a popular user, you tend to be connected to the other followers. And if that is the case then you have the opportunity to get followers too.

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I just wanted to say that I don't have a smartphone. I have a laptop and installed a browser extension called Desktop for Instagram. But the “Follow to be Followed” method really does work. In fact, other social networks will say “follow-for-follow” but they don't always follow through with their promise. Instagram, on the other hand, is the only social media network where the users actually do reciprocate and follow you if you follow them. It's terrific!

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