Building your own PBN to help boost your rankings.

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Building your own PBN to help boost your rankings.

Everyone has heard of a PBN (private blog network) and how they can help you out a ton when it comes to ranking in the search engines for keywords you're targeting. Now a lot of us can't afford the insane amount of at least $500 a month for the smaller networks so what you'd have to do is just invest some time and build them yourself.

If a good PBN service provider is charging $500 a month that's $6,000 per year. Don't you think you could run a great PBN for $6,000? I know I could Building your own PBN to help boost your rankings.

Let's say you go ahead and buy 10 domains with 10 hosting plans all from different companies. If you paid on the high end for a domain with privacy you're getting them for around $20 a year. If you're paying for hosting with a dedicated IP you're paying around $15 a month per account. So you're initial investment would be $200 for the domains and $150 for the hosting with dedicated IP address which totals $350. Now that's a bit less than $500, right?

Not only is running your own PBN much cheaper than paying a service provider, you have complete control on what happens with each website. You can set them up to how you want them seen, pick your own specific niche, edit any content on the pages, change images, etc. You're the owner and you don't have to work with the website owner to try and get your links to go live. And most of the time the seller won't even tell your the domain name or URL of where your post is going! So how can you really track if they did the work or not? You can't! They will always say "Well you'll notice a spike in the rankings for your keywords" but that's a bunch of bull sh*t. If you pay for a service, you should get a report.

There's much more freedom, but on the other hand there is a lot of work involved. If you don't want to write for an hour a day to put fresh content on your pages, then this just isn't for you. You should just waste your money on someone who is offering a PBN service who won't give you a full report. Now then, if you do have the drive to post fresh content for 1 hour a day on your 10 websites, you want to outrank all of your competitors and this is for you Building your own PBN to help boost your rankings.

You'll want to lock up all of the social networks for your domain names so that no one can come in and snipe them from you then try to sell them at a ridiculous price to you. It happens, and it's shady so try to not get stuck in this position. You don't even have to post on any of the social networks just yet, just lock in your domain names on the networks for now.

Yes this is a lot of work, but it's worth it. After you get maybe 100 pages on each of your blogs/websites you can then begin to market them a little bit. I wouldn't market them before this because the site(s) will look too new and people won't have enough content to read. This is the main reason people will eagerly come in and leave after reading their first couple articles. The more content you have, the better it is for you and your readers. Write for your readers and they will gladly share your posts, which is a boost for your SEO campaign that you've barely touched Building your own PBN to help boost your rankings.

So now you have at least 100 fresh content pages on each of your 10 websites/blogs in your network and you're marketing it a little bit. You'll notice a slow snowball affect if you continue to post fresh content and email your readers. You'll begin to rank for long tailed keywords and possibly a competitive keyword, but not likely since you haven't done much SEO and you might not have a lot of shares just yet. This is the time you will begin your off page SEO and begin to build your own backlinks to your PBN websites. Focus on quality links and not 1,000,000 profile backlinks that can be built over night. Treat these PBN website like they are your money making sites. Quality is always better than quantity, unless you're getting 1,000 high quality links lol Building your own PBN to help boost your rankings.

After a few months you should be seeing a slow, but steady, stream of traffic to your network. You never know, you could be in niche where your PBN sites actually start taking the top 10 rankings for your keywords and now you've flooded the entire first page of the rankings with your own websites. Everyone likes getting 100% of the organic search traffic for a keyword ;)

I've done this a couple times in the past, and yes it takes time and is a lot of work, but it will keep your main website ranked high for a really long time. Your competitors will be pissed off that they can't beat you if you do this right.

Put in the time and it will reward you Building your own PBN to help boost your rankings.

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Since a year, I am trying to develop PBN. I have half a dozen blogs and have interlinked these blogs. The most difficult part of developing blogs for PBN is developing contents. It is impossible to write contents on each of these blogs and you will have to hire someone to develop contents for your blogs. Secondly, you also need to spend money on operation cost which includes domain renewals, hosting renewals. You might also have to hire social media marketer and seo expert. This might cost you a lot of money.

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Rightly said TommyCarey

Building PBN requires lots of patience

1. Finding good expired domain
2. Finding good hostings
3. Writing and soliciting for niche articles
4. linking them to some of the website having high DA & most related traffic
& Most important is Safe ROI??

PBN Setup here :

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Cheers Raz! Been missing your posts on here lately! Building your own PBN to help boost your rankings. And I always appreciate you sharing these insightful things and especially ones about subjects such as PBN's! I get what you're saying and it's true. In that having your own PBN does offer a lot more freedom and flexibility and opportunity to make money with them as well. And not just through selling guest posts on them but from getting them ranked and earning through them with some advertiser whether it be Adsense or something else altogether. But also at the same time, while it can provide more freedom and better earnings, it can also be a a lot more work adding content to them all, making them all rank higher (doing SEO) and maintaining them etc etc.

But like you've said, it can pay off in the long run. Since all those PBN sites can help your main site(s) to rank higher which can mean not having to do so much SEO and stuff on your main site(s). However, I think they should be built with as much care and attention to detail as possible. Using different domain registrars, different web hosts, different themes, different usernames, different everything! As much as possible to keep them all "unconnected" as much as you can. Because it can sometimes be one simple "lazy" mistake that gets all of your PBN sites whacked and deranked and all of that palava!

But even still, even then, you could still put them to good use. Whether it's selling guest posts on them or just selling simple footer links on them or something lol. There are always ways you can benefit from a PBN regardless to if they're ranking high or not. Building your own PBN to help boost your rankings.

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