How can I boost my sale of my service?

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How can I boost my sale of my service?

Hello Everyone,

How can I boost sale of my service on SEO Clerks?

I am also offering affiliates 25% commission. Promotion of SEO service on Facebook is not allowed on Facebook so I cannot do that. What more can I do to boost sale of my service? Please suggest.

Thank You


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If you are not able to offer your services on Facebook what about Twitter? Twitter is a brilliant way of getting the word out there to thousands of people just by using certain hashtags. You may be shocked at how many people may be looking for a service that you offer which could help bring in more sales for you.

Another way of getting the word out there about your service is maybe to guest blog post or even guest forum post, as long as the owner of the blog or forum was okay with you advertising your service in say your profile or in your signature that would work great, making sure that your posts were informative and on point.

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As mentioned above about twitter and blog post these are advertising tools outside seoclerks.

You can try to spread the word out using these advertising tools but it is not guaranteed that you’re going bring a customer inside seo to purchase your service. Therefore, you’ve to do something inside the seoclerks to capture the audience, because inside seoclerks there maybe audience already looking for the service that you offer.

Besides have a short and good description of your gig as well as your image. It is important to keep your present buyers satisfied with your service. Because at the end of the day they can and will purchase the services again and again, if not from you then someone else.

So, keep your buyers happy, try to overcome their expectations, communicate the buyer, ask for their feedback, delivery what you’ve promised and delivery the order on time and if possible before deadline can create customer satisfaction, hence a good image of you as well as your service.

When your buyer is happy, he or she will return or he or she may refer about your service quality to some other buyers, “word of referral”. This is most effective way to increase your sales.

Offer great service in the lowest price possible, keep in mind the market in tough and competitive. Daily bump, improvise your gigs, offer perks, spread the word within your circle, Promote your service at the forum.

Thank you.

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