Thank you Seoclerks What a great Year 2017

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Thank you Seoclerks What a great Year 2017

Just want to start off by saying a big thank you to seoclerks. This is a brilliant website and so glad I have joined over the years have used so many services and got great deal out of ordering off of members . I think it was last year I started doing my own services didn't have much luck last year as at the time I didn't put much effort into it . Because had also family problems going off around me which my head was all over. Then I came back to it this year and things just keep getting better. So thank you seoclerks for making my hobbies come to light and love earning on doing the things I love best that is helping others and allowing my self to use this site to help others and at the same time help my self.

Now I aint going to start advertising here lol but seoclerks is the best online in my opinion. It is trustworthy and the staff are great. A few times I have had problems I just opened a support ticket and was sorted straight away and polite as well. So seoclerks your the best and am going to keep advertising you and make sure everyone knows it. So here is a video I created for seoclerks its just a quick video as am using trial version of powtoon. Which if you like the video I am soon upgrading so the video will have more detail and also in HD with more about it. I am just practicing at few projects at the minute I have wrote my self a 2 do list . So if you like what you see in the video soon as have upgraded my subscription I will be creating services on here to make animation and also whiteboard videos if anyone interested.


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For some reason not letting me put the video here so just type in youtube
The best freelancers - Cheap at seoclerks | Online freelancers
and my video should be at top of youtube for seoclerks

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SEOclerks is definitely a good website. Many members have helped me here by giving me ideas about my business. I have also read many great articles which are definitely helping me. I also learnt about many things which I was not aware before. That's a very nice video by the way. I loved it.

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I discovered SEO Clerk when the parent company Ionicware acquired Postloop in April, 2017. I saw this site listed in the forum section of postloop. I joined SEO clerk via postloop. It took me more than 6 months to make my first sale. I am hopeful that in the coming days, I will be able to make more sales and make this platform my main source of online income.

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