Should you refund for completed SMM work based on results? Debate

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Should you refund for completed SMM work based on results?

Okay so let's say you sat in your chair posting away at social media for someone all day after they was hired by you to do so. To do SMM (Social Media Marketing) work for them. And that work takes a few days to complete at least eating away at your time, energy and resources. So they hired you and you took the details and started the work for them. You spent a good amount of time on the order and done a good job for them giving them everything (the amount) of posts that you was supposed to give and even gave them a bonus amount of posts and promotion too. And then they said that they aren't happy with the results they got from all your work. And want a refund or even part refund or something. Would you and should you do that?

That doesn't happen a lot if hardly at all. But you know what people are like. People are people and you come across all sorts of people in life in this game! And sometimes, those people want you to push and promote something mundane that isn't very interesting to a lot of people. Something really obscure that people on social media sites probably aren't looking for or aren't very interested in it at all.

But you still do the work for them. The work being the amount of posts on certain places you are to create for them. To be completed in a few days time or something and you took the time out of your day to do that work. Or you even outsourced the work to someone else and paid out for that as well. And then you deliver it and the buyer say they aren't happy with it and would like a full refund. Should you refund them in full for work that was agreed to be done that was done as agreed/advertised?

And here's another scenario, have you ever had a person message you first asking about your service and then ask you if they don't get a good response from it, will you give them a full refund? I've had a few like that before and have one now who said he'd only buy it if he got a really good response from it and his video is about something that only applies to a small amount of people.

What I say to such people who ask this is very sensible and fair. And it's that we only guarantee to do the work, do it well and do it in time as advertised in the service description. We don't guarantee any kind of response rate, shares, likes, views, subscribers, followers, visitors etc etc. Obviously if your message is appealing and people are looking for it or you make it appealing to them by using an emotional play on words and call-to-actions with attractive images etc then people will do that.

So anything you do get is going to be purely a bonus. Our job is to post to social media for you so that you can get that. And we can't guarantee anything other than to do the work that's advertised to be done and do it well and on time as it should be.

But and so, should you refund a buyer if you've done work for them and they don't get a "good enough response" from it? Even though your job was to just do the work. And it's all explained already what they get.

Sure, SMM is very "hit and miss" at the best of times. It just depends on so many different things and there's a lot to take into consideration. To how many people are online that day when we post that are interested in your thing, what their mood is in, how much time they have, what they're already looking for, whether the planets are aligned, whether your image has too much blue or red in it...

So many things. But then, that's what it's like when you purchase advertising too isn't it? Although that can be targeted to a certain geo of people, it doesn't mean they will all be looking for your product and then there's the rest to consider too.

What do you think?

Should you refund for SMM work based on whether the buyer got results from it or not?

Are you the type of freelancer that folds or do you hold your ground on this one? Should you refund for completed SMM work based on results?


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I don't believe you should have to refund someone because they were not happy with the results they achieved, had they even given it long enough for the results to come in and be solid before saying they were not happy?

If I had put all that time and effort into a job like that, doing my best work to fulfill the order I wouldn't be happy to receive a message like that asking for their money back or even half. It's like they wanted the job done but really didn't want to pay for it and unfortunately you do get a lot of people like that online. If the guy wasn't happy with the work or even the results he was getting after a short time, why did he not message you and stop you and tell you? Why wait until you fully complete the order and then tell you? It would have been more polite to message and let you know before hand which is why again it seems as though they may have wanted the work done for nothing or less than the original price agreed.

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Exactly! My sentiments exactly. I understand that when I buy those services for myself. And always have. When I want it. I pay for it. And as long as it gets done it gets done. If I don't get a good response from it. I either try again with the same message/picture etc or try a different picture/message etc. I don't ask for a refund or a part refund although I might ask for a discount code if I think I'm going to use it a few times or more. And when it comes to SMM it's basically advertising. When you take out advertising and it doesn't work do you ever get a refund from them? Do you eck! Don't get me wrong, I'm a reasonable and fair guy, always grateful for all the Lord provides on a daily basis. But this is business and that's how business works isn't it?

I guess saying that though you could offer some kind of refund guarantee if they don't get a great response but then how could you know if they really didn't and you'd probably go out of business pretty quick like that? Should you refund for completed SMM work based on results?

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Unfortunately we live in a world with too many thieves and dishonest people!
SEOClerks, thank GOD! is a website that not only cares about buyers but also cares about its sellers as well. This awesome website empowers the sellers as well, so, if they are abused, they can say no! If you look at the competition, it's often not the case!...
If we are serious about our service, if we do a good work, show our commitment, etc. it is completely unreasonable for a buyer to ask for a refund! There are buyers like that that try to take advantage, we should not allow it to happen!
Another thing that frequently goes against us is Google and the Social Media Sites. They are constantly changing their rules and algorithms!!! What worked a few time ago, it is no longer the case anymore! By allowing buyers the "flexibility" of a refund based on results, we are screwing ourselves!
I agree with both of you. Refunding based on results? That's not the way to go!...

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No I don't think you should give refund specially if you put blood and sweat into all that work. I could understand if it wasn't pieced together right but when you put all in for me If this happens then I would get the feeling as tho these members are wanting something for free. They make you work your butt off then want to deny your work as been quality good work so they get refund and they will move on to the next seller.

It is like paypal some do this with paypal in the past I have with paypal only when been scammed tho. But I seen some members pay for something like about 5 years ago I sold something on amazon and it was signed for on the other end but they felt the need to say they didn't receive the item. So when you do something and someone wants the money back you can't undo the work you done.

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