SEO clerks affiliate marketing

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SEO clerks affiliate marketing

Have a wonderful day everyone.
I want to get tips from everyone that how do I collect more clients for SEOCLERK. The people will join with my affiliate link.

Can I publish my affiliate link as a forum signature or blog comments or forum thread post or forum thread reply and web 2.0 blog writes or blog link or wiki link or social bookmark or only bookmark.



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Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. You can do all of those things and more. And it's good how you know about those things as that's the first thing. Although knowing about them and how to do them and actually doing them are two different things aren't they? SEO clerks affiliate marketing

But yes, you could publish your SC affiliate link as a forum signature for those forums that allowed it. And then making helpful posts to other peoples posts would get it seen and visited by people and the more posts you do, on the more forums, the more people would see it and possibly click it and convert into an affiliate for you.

And definitely you can use it on your Web 2.0 sites as well. They often rank high on their own so if you do some keyword research and post some killer articles to your web 2's and SEO them, they can rank high and send you traffic from your affiliate link.

For blog links I presume you mean blog comment links. That's a bit of a tricky one as most blogs don't like affiliate links being used in the comments section and prefer it to be your main site url or social profile url or something. But you can use them in the comment area if you add good reason to such as a recommendation or in the context of a review type of thing.

And not for social bookmarking sites though so much as they don't really like people just posting affiliate links to them. However, you can turn any link on SEOClerks into an affiliate link such as a service you like or want to promote and then post that. Or, if they don't allow affiliate links, you can post it to your own site and then bookmark that page it's on.

We've posted some great stuff to the SEOClerks FAQ here in the past year or so on how to get affiliates for SEOClerks. Clicking that link to reveal that search will show you just how much and point you in the right direction. Although you might be spoilt for choice! SEO clerks affiliate marketing

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Thank you very much for giving me important direction.

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