Wordpress Plugin You couldn't do without ?

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Wordpress Plugin You couldn't do without ?

So many of us live the life of blogging, lol for many of us its are daily routine these days many use wordpress like my self as I think this is the best blogging site for bloggers. Now my question to fellow wordpress bloggers what is your number 1 plugin tool on wordpress You couldn't live without. Or maybe live without or couldn't do with out . I have few favourites but my number 1 is Yoast plugin this as helped so so much in my blogging and help with seo warns you about keywords density and much more.

So Yoast is my best plugin and couldn't be without it . What is yours ?


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My favorite one is P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) - a plugin that will create a profile about what happens on the blog and what affects performance (and speed in the final). You will see which plugins consumes the most resources. Useful to activate it from time to time to optimize my blog.

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Some of the wordpress plugins that I cannot do without are:
Google Analytics Plugin: There are lots of Google Analytics plygin and I use Gloogle Analytic plugin from Monsterinsight.
Wordfence Security: I use this plugin for security of my website. It helps me to see traffic and stop unauthorized login attempts.
Contact Form: I use this plugin for contact purpose.

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