My Pinterest Tips for more traffic

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My Pinterest Tips for more traffic

Who likes Pinterest ? I have really started getting into this site it is really good and am starting to get a good decent amount of traffic from it. So thought I would share with you all how to get some good traffic from Pinterest . If you not on Pinterest then just make an account made little list below after you sign up or even during sign up.

  1. Think of Your niche and what is the main keyword with it
  2. When making account choose a good username Related to your niche , Keyword.
  3. Try use a good quality Image for your profile picture.
  4. Have your website placed in your profile . It will also get you to verify it like Google webmaster does with Tag to place in your site . Then come back on the page and click verify.
  5. Quality description with placed keywords in the description.
This is an image based sharing website. So if you are going to be posting your site on here make sure you have a good quality of images on your site. Because they don't want to be to small or to big as when you post your site on here it drags image off your site and on to pinterest. But before you start putting your website or blog posts on to pinterest by posting them which pinterest calls them pin. You need to get niche based followers.

So next thing to do is in the pinterest is to use there search and search your niche keyword for example " guest posting" it will then generate results with your given keyword. Now go onto the one which as the most pins don't click the image click on the number of pins. This will show who as pinned this page and you can follow some of these as they are niche related to your niche which ever keyword you typed in. Try do this daily and you will start to notice your followers growing. Once you got some good amount of followers now create a board on pinterest this will hold all your blog posts or site pages. Give a good description on your board with a eye catching image . All what is left now is to start pinning you posts My Pinterest Tips for more traffic

Hope this helps as it helped me...


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Thanks for tips, but you'll not get traffic if you use them. There is a far more complex and clever work to start to get only a little traffic from pinterest.

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