Android or iPhone. Which do you prefer

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Android or iPhone. Which do you prefer

When it comes to mobile phones which one would you choose. I have always had an android never had the iPhone so not sure if its better then android. Recently been running into problems with my android mobile specially when it comes to apps from google play store. Like when I play a game on my mobile and try do in game purchase using SMS for some reason its not letting me and saying verification failed .
So not sure weather or not to stick to the android or go onto the iPhone any suggestions would be good .


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Well I've been locked into Apple for the past 5+ years and I'd really like to break away from Apple and it's restrictions and get an Android phone next. But it really depends what you are looking for in a phone or what you're wanting to do with it! Do you want to install 3rd party unsigned apps on it? Even though they carry a risk of coming with some malware or something. Or would you like to be safe and even though you are restricted in what you can do with your phone and what apps you can install on it then stay with Apple.

As for your verification failing thing, I'd say that's something that could probably be resolved. You'd probably have to do some digging though and watch some YouTube videos on it as it's likely other people have also experienced the same thing and found a resolve/fix/workaround.

But then this also comes down to your spending budget and monthly budget too. Like do you want a PAYG phone or do you want to be on contract? Do you want a large screen smartphone or are you happy with something basic like? Because most half decent smartphones can cost about $400 bux at least although you can get something like an iPhone 6 or a Samsung galaxy for about $200. But on a contract you might be paying about $40 a month or more depending on what kind of plan you're on and how much air time etc you need.

So it's all down to you in these ways bud. Android or iPhone.  Which do you prefer

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I have an Android phone myself and personally wouldn't go over to an iPhone. I have heard so many people tell me that as much as the iPhone is a good phone the battery life on it isn't that great, not only that the price of iPhones compared to an Android based phone is a huge different and if you are on a budget like many of us are then Android is always the better option.

I prefer to have a phone that I know will last on the battery at least a few days so that I am not having to charge every night and also one that will not set me off hundreds of pounds just so I can say I have the latest phone. I have never had any problem with Android phones so moving from Android would be a bad idea, I would more than likely run into problems I would rather avoid which would be just my luck!

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I prefer iOS because Android's performance is always slower and weaker after using time.

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I'd have to say that even though I own an Android and an iPhone, I prefer the iPhone just because I'm so used to it and know the devices very well. For Android there's so much going on and I haven't spent the time to learn the device like I know my iPhone.

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I would chose Apple Iphones over Android anyday for multiple reasons. Apple products are honestly the best, they work faster and more reliable in my opinion. If you want the top of the line products that have some of the best softwares, cameras, space, quality in general then an Iphone is the key to success. They provide some of the best applications that you can't get on Android phones. Also Iphones have many features that Android will never have and thats why they are better. Millions of people have Iphones so you know they are doing something right. They are constantly coming up with brand new ideas starting with the phone itself to bringing new updates to enhance the phone very so often.

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I would go with Android over the I-phone, at the end of the day it's all about the price for me, and I would like to buy an I-phone, but I'm not a big mobile phone person, so I can't see spending about $700 for a phone. I can get a computer for that price.

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Android all the way! I can't deny the iphone's smooth transitions, good camera, and smooth performance overall, but I'd say you can get those with the best android phones in the market too! And for me really, it's just great to have an android because of all the things you can do with it. If you generally don't like something in the android, there's always a way to fix it as long as it's not about the specs, you can root it and download a bloatware uninstaller app for example.

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Particularly I prefer the Android smartphone, I've never had an iPhone, so I do not know what it's like to use the iOS operating system.
I'm already accustomed to Android, I've been using it for many years and I like its performance, I would not buy a smartphone with iOS, I'm happy with my Samsung galaxy.

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I personally prefer Android over ios because for me , greater device control is so much important . Android lets me do everything when i habe my device rootef i can control my gpu performance . Over under clock my processors for better performance battery life whichever way suits my usage the best.

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I prefer android phones and that's what I have always been using. I find it easier to use android phones and you can easily download games and apps through the Play Store. I phones are expensive. On the other side there are different kinds of android phones at different prices.

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I may be a hypocrite if I wouldn’t admit that I want the iPhone instead of my present android phone. Although the functions are almost the same, the iPhone has a greater value in terms of elegance and class. An iPhone user is considered wealthy even if not simply because the iPhone is very expensive and only the rich can practically afford it. But for now, I am content with my Samsung because I have come to terms that I should enjoy what I can afford.

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I do prefer Android but before I was into iOS phones. Android is a lot more flexible than iOS phones, I can download anything I like unlike iOS which has its own store to cater it's downloads. Android can download from many sources. Also the price of iOS phones and devices are much more expensive than Android phones and devices.

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