How can i increase my youtube views perday 2 k + or more

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How can i increase my youtube views perday 2 k + or more

i want to teach plz help me how can i increase my youtube videos views short time

Plz say the best method


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You ask for short time and increase the views: just buy views, in this site are plenty of good sellers

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If you just want fast views, you can buy fake Youtube views. But they are going to drop eventually, now or later.

To get real Youtube views, you need to publish high quality video content; stuff that people want to actually watch.

Also, you need to spend time building your Youtube community, nurturing your viewers and encouraging them to come back.

When a person watches and comments, take time to comment back to find out what they liked about your video.

Make relevant comments on related videos. Don't spam link back to your own videos. You'll get natural views in this way.

Also, be sure to share your Youtube videos around to various social networks to get those views. You should also check out how to pin a Youtube video on Pinterest.

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Great answer Bev! Some very good (valid) points and tips. How can i increase my youtube views perday 2 k + or more

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Promote, promote, promote! Promotion is the key to everything. You need to see your video as a page on your site. So you do on-page SEO of it and then off-page SEO too. As well as SMO/SMM of it also. Promoting it using safe and genuine methods by posting it (or having it posted for you) on Social Media sites etc etc. And it's not a one time thing. It's something you need to keep doing on a regular basis and the more you do of it, the more your views, likes and subs will go up.

You should try to make some kind of daily/weekly/monthly schedule of things to do. So for example, each day you post comments on 5 other related videos. Say something positive and leave a cheeky call to action. Then post to at least 50 YouTube related groups and communities on social media sites etc etc. And at least once a week, build some links to your video URL. High quality links, guest posts, embeds etc etc.

Through doing this continually eventually you'll start to make quite a significant impact on your videos views and likes and subs and comments etc etc and also be improving its ranking in the Search Engines as well. Better rankings = more views and more fame for you! How can i increase my youtube views perday 2 k + or more

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Yes well said Beverly, Another thing with YouTube am not expert at it but seen many strategies over the years and also some great sellers on seoclerks. Try for best results what I do is write down your ideas before shuffing your video on upload straight away. Write down make notes of possible titles you can use try searching for your niche on YouTube see how they have there videos and how they have presented it but don't copy just get ideas.

Great free tool tubebuddy extentions for chrome and firefox , this as helped me with tags which also is great to put it with your video the right tags. With tube buddy there is free version and paid there is no need to pay for it still as good free. So what can tubebuddy do for you.

Say you look at someone elses video say for example creating a top wordpress site. You search and most members go to the first one in the search. Here is the best thing do the search for your niche try click most recent and top of youtube hopefully they will be a lot of views on the video. Next go on the video you will notice that you can only see the persons video title and description. With tubebuddy installed it shows the persons tags on there video and often see numbers in green on each tag showing each tag "keyword" ranks so if it shows 5 on it that means while using that word to search that video will show up 5th position in the results.

Now we can make note of some of the title tags and use some in are videos as long as you dont copy title or description. Another cool thing is when You upload your video Write a great title and a good description detailed. Then you will notice with Tube Buddy brings up little menu under your video while it is uploading. Click the suggestion option this pulls in your channel and details on the information you just put in about your video and gives you suggested Tags.

This works great and if you spend time to keep coming back to it you see results.

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I have to agree with the comments above me that buying is your only option since you are pressed for time. Any other means will take time particularly if you will do the marketing of your videos by yourself. And the amount of views that you need, 2k is no joke. I just don’t know how long it will take you to have that many views per day if you will not buy from the viewer providers. Anyway, is this connected to the new policy of Youtube regarding the minimum number of subscribers and viewing hours?

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