What is payment hold time period after first sale and when we are able for withdrawal

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What is payment hold time period after first sale and when we are able for withdrawal

Hi friends how much time period for hold a payment after first sale, or when we could be able for withdrawal after first sale.


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Hi Zeee, after you deliver the order, it will be automatically completed in 5 days time. You will then have to wait another 24 hours for the funds to clear before they are available for withdraw. However, if your buyer positively rates your delivered order, it will be completed much faster and your funds will then be available for withdraw after only 24 hours. That is why you should make sure to;

  1. Deliver your work exactly as advertised.
  2. Deliver your work within/before the deadline.
  3. Ensure that the buyer is happy with your work.
  4. Encourage positive feedback by making sure they are happy.
  5. Going the extra mile to provide them with an excellent service.

However, even if you do do all that, there is no guarantee your buyer will positively rate and complete your delivered work for you. Some buyers just don't leave feedback for their delivered orders no matter how good a job you do for them.

This could be for a number of reasons;
  1. They don't understand how the site works and don't know they need to leave feedback for it.
  2. They don't want to leave feedback because they don't want their name showing up in your service.
  3. They know how the system works and want you to wait the extra 5 days before you can get the money.

So that is why you should do all the above. You can kindly remind people to leave their feedback for your service. But you should never bully or bolster your buyers into doing so. Doing that will likely result in a negative feedback being left you.

I would rather have no feedback left and wait the 5 days before I can get the money than receive a negative rating.

And I'm sure many others would agree with that.

Hope this helps!


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