Tor friendly email services providers? Debate

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Tor friendly email services providers?

I often use Tor, not because I'm doing anything illegal I just don't want the NSA/CIA/FBI/etc spying on me. The one thing I've never found a replacement for is an email account. Most providers, such as gmail and outlook, will block any attempt to signup using Tor and then they ask for personal identifying information anyway, once signed up.

Are there any email service providers that are Tor friendly? I've tried a couple disposable email accounts but most of those delete emails after one hour so they are not ideal.


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Well, do you honestly believe that TOR could stop CIA or FBI from Spying on you? As long as you are not targeted by them, you can use whatever you want ... My Recommendation, No TOR for serious online business.

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My understanding was that Tor, when connected, was fairly safe from prying eyes. Has there been cases/reports of governments able to track even through Tor?

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There is no any part of the Internet that can not be tracked, because Internet, generally is not something that functions out of Government supervision. Of course, there are a billions of People using Internet and no Government will track all of them ... I'm just saying that you don't need TOR if you are going to use Internet in any legal terms of usage ...
Even if TOR is not something illegal, it sounds suspicious to many People, so it could only bring you troubles with potential Clients or Partner Website. A Majority of them just don't want to take a chance ...
This only my opinion, of course, because I don't see why would you use TOR and denied your seld the use of such important services (mail) ...

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