At what point your writing quality drops?

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At what point your writing quality drops?

I have never been very good at content writing, English is not my first language and I will probably not be as good as a talented native English speaker no matter how much practice I get.

Nevertheless, this hasn't stopped me, I've been freelancing and offering my content writing skills for a number of years now. I always wondered, will having a lot of practice every day improve my writing skills or will just make me unimaginative?

For me to produce somewhat quality content, I need the following:

  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • I need to be well rested
  • Get into writing mode
  • Do not exceed 2 hours continues writing

So after a while of constant writing, my quality drops and I can't produce something worth selling.
What do you think? At what point does your writing quality drops and what makes it happen?


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Before you can find 'at what point your quality drops', you need need to find your best writing time and that's going to be different for everyone. And, this would be your peak writing hours, that time during which you feel most creative and produce the best work.

For me, it's usually when i first wake up (and always when I've had too little sleep and just waking but not at the end of a long day). I write very little after the first meal of the day, which is why I usually don't eat much before noon and then only fruit or a light lunch. You should watch out for time wasters, even people that run in on you and cut into your most productive time.

Especially those people that want you to drop what you're doing (with your writing) and run around putting out brush fires. These activities will keep you busy, but at the end of the day, you won't have any real work done. So be sure to zealously guard your time against these time thieves.

Most times, I do need peace and quiet to write properly and can't write in a room full of talking people (especially TV); though occasionally I'll write with my music on in the background. I don't have a set amount of time that I write, but it will usually go on until I'm interrupted by other more pressing activities.

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I think I'm more creative during the night. Mornings aren't too good for me, takes me a long time to fully wake up. But this happens probably because I'm a 100% night bird.
Also, it needs to be quite, can't write with the TV on or in a noisy room.

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That makes sense. And, I was a night owl for a long time too and that's when I was doing most of my writing, way past midnight as that was the only time of the day that I had to myself. Now, it's the opposite as the only time that I have alone is the very early morning. And, I can understand that mornings might not be the best for everyone as you're still trying to get the motor started when it's so early. For me, it's a necessity and a joy to be able to work so early on anything. I get up around six AM every morning, sometimes earlier. And, so I'm usually the only one awake at that time anyway. It's just easier for me to focus on my work and also writing and anything that needs to be done. Morning time is very quiet here and so it's my time for being most productive and creative. I feel at my best, very fresh and able to take on any challenge.

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It depends for me what my best times to write are. Sometimes I can wake up early and jump straight on the computer and knock out a 10 page thesis on something in a matter of a couple of hours. Although mostly, my best writing times are when I've been awake for some time and have eaten and don't have an empty, hungry stomach!

I can quickly lose my concentration when I'm working hungry as my thoughts can take a detour in to what I have in my fridge or in the cupboards and or what I might have for lunch or for dinner! At what point your writing quality drops?

After dinner time though and getting into the evening when I've done most of the things I have to do, when I'm relaxed and chilled out is a good time for me to write and I can lose myself in whatever I'm writing about quite easily that way when I'm full and have no distractions!

Later on to the end of the night though my brain just melts on me and it makes it harder to focus on the task at hand. But that's when you know it's nearly your bed time! At what point your writing quality drops?

The point is, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

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I also need those points you mentioned to write good articles. Getting in writing mood is really important for me, and I prefer to have a quiet environment although that is not always possible. I like to have the room with little light as too much light distracts me. I also like to have a plan of what I am going to write within a certain amount of time, such as the next hour, or by the afternoon. I also need to have completed other mundane tasks such as chores and so on as otherwise I end up not concentrating at all.

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My writing quality tends to be really good but I do find that after a while it will drop and that is usually due to the fact that I have either been writing for a while and I get kind of bored of doing the same thing for a long period of time or because it gets noisy or I start to feel stressed. I can never concentrate too well when I am stressed therefore my writing quality will drop dramatically and I tend to them make the decision to stop for a while. As long as I have a clear space, quiet room and a comfortable chair and I am feeling good about myself and refreshed them my writing quality is really good.

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I'm at my best writing mood when I'm well rested and have nothing else to think about. This is usually at the late hours of the night to the early morning hours when everyone else is sleeping. However, I also tend to be on the mood to write after an afternoon nap. I can actually write continuously for long hours without a drop in quality as long as I'm properly rested. The opposite happens whenever I try to work after an almost sleepless night. The words simply won't come as naturally as they usually do no matter how hard I try. This usually happens when I'm doing very long e-books and have to produce well-researched content continuously for days until it's done. Writers do need to get adequate sleep and rest regardless of the workload.

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To be honest, the quality of my writing suffers when I am not feeling well. Even a slight headache would affect my output that’s why I try not to write when something is bothering me. Also nagging problems, that’s one of the biggest stumbling blocks for me in my writing career because I couldn’t think well naturally and it would show in my writing that I am just trying hard. Even when I start writing in good condition, after an hour or so when I feel tired and my mind seems to be feeling numb, that’s the time to rest because definitely the quality goes down.

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