Still don't have AMP pages index? Here is why you should!

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Still don't have AMP pages index? Here is why you should!

This month marks the one-year anniversary of AMP project and pages and already it's making a big mark on how people use websites and choose the search results inside SERPs.

Accordantly to Adobe Analytics more than 7% of all traffic big websites get comes from AMP pages and in the last 8 months from April to December 2016 AMP traffic increased by 400 percent.

Keep in mind Google took until September of 2016 to actually index AMP pages, until than AMP pages were just accessible, not indexed in Google search.
This means we haven't seen anything yet and we should expect this becoming the main type of results when we are doing a mobile search in the following years.

So what do you think? It's pretty clear AMP is here to stay, the real question is how big it will become in 2017.


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AMP is clear and real in this 2017. When people are searching on a mobiledevice, Google search results willautomatically default to displaying the AMP version of a page (if one is available). This change means a significant amount of newexposure for AMP pages; possibly leading tomore traffic, revenue, and so forth.
It saves people time when searching on Google with their phone.

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I don't need convincing. It's on my To Do List. When I Google my own blog post and get a message directly from Google in the search results about AMP ... I've got to figure out how to get my pages in AMP format (if that's the right way to say it) and then how to get those pages indexed.

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Most users of mobile browsers are people on the go as opposed to users of desktop who are just sitting in the comfort of their computer. Mobile users are mostly outside and moving. With that kind of attitude, expect them to have little patience in waiting so that when a web page takes time to be displayed some mobile users will exit and go to another site. That is where the benefit of AMP comes in because an accelerated mobile page provided convenience to the mobile user.

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