When would I start to need a proxy?

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When would I start to need a proxy?

Can anyone please explain to me exactly what a proxy is used for and at what stage of online marketing I would need one?

I understand that it is about masking your identity and that if you are doing a huge amount of online marketing and SEO work then you might need that but when exactly is the point where you would need one?

Then what is the difference between a VPN and a proxy?


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I use Tunnel Bear when I need a proxy. I highly recommend it, Lynne! Depending on what you need to do and how much traffic you will need you might need the paid version, but if you just need it for logging in a few places and creating a few account, the free traffic you receive from them each month should be enough. I'm using it for a few years now and its perfect, especially when it comes to testing stuff and I need an IP from a very specific country.

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Oh nice, thanks so much Cristian!

Um can you tell me is it easy to use? I like simple an easy things!

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Hi Lynne you S/ African bird of paradise lol When would I start to need a proxy?

A proxy is an IP address that you can use so that you use that proxy IP address instead of your actual IP address. There are several types of proxies. There are transparent proxies. And there are anonymous proxies. There's also 2 types of anonymous proxies too. Normal anonymous proxies and high anonymity proxies. To put it in a nutshell, transparent proxies reveal their location and everything else about the server they belong to. But anonymous proxies don't. And high anonymity proxies hardly reveal anything at all.

And proxies are used for both legitimate and nefarious reasons based on the type of proxy. Legit reasons include, just wanting to hide your own IP address on the Internet. Or from some website you want to use. That's fair enough. Other reasons include getting around IP/country bans (even though you're not guilty). Some other reasons include hiding your IP address when you are link building or mass registering with sites for the purpose of doing link building etc. You don't want your own IP address to show if you're creating 100 accounts per day on some site obviously as they will block you and probably delete all those accounts with that IP.

However you'll only really need proxies if you're using some SEO link building tool like SEPuke or SB or GSA or something. If you're doing most of your marketing by hand yourself, you wont ever really need to use proxies for anything nor have to worry about it ever getting blacklisted anywhere either.

If you're doing all your marketing online by hand, and not doing any mass registering or anything, then there will be no need to hide your IP or use a proxy. However you can still mask your IP online if you care about your privacy. You can simply use something like Tor browser which uses an onion like network to hide your IP. You can think of Tor as an onion with many levels to it with your IP in the middle. It's so very complicated and hard to find the original IP when using Tor browser but unless you're browsing the dark net, you probably wont ever need to use it!

A VPN = Virtual Private Network. Basically is a method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet. VPNs are most often used by corporations to protect sensitive data. You may not ever need a VPN but who knows. You make plans and God just laughs. When would I start to need a proxy?

Hope this helps!

One love. <3


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Thanks Mike and yes Scrapebox is why I was wondering if I needed a proxy. I watched a Youtube video and they said I need proxies! I only want Scrapebox to find high DA blogs to comment on, but the commenting I want to do manually. So I wouldn't need one right?

I asked a question about Scrapebox a few days ago about how complicated Scrapebox seems and Abid thinks I will get myself into trouble! Now I am hesitant to buy it again. *Sitting on the fence here*

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This would depend on what you do on the internet. I have always saw those that use proxies as a criminal of sorts because a lot of criminal activities happen whilst on a proxy server. For instance, if you own a website and you block someone's IP Address, that same person can still access the website from a proxy server, making your block obsolete. So it gets kind of annoying when you have a pesky website visitor spamming your site on proxies. There is a way to block proxies but sometimes you just can't. I would personally use a proxy to block them, so i can get the IP address of said proxy.. lol

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Everett that's exactly how I was thinking. Proxies are for naughty people, the ones on the dark side.... the black hatters LOL.

Ok I know it is not that bad, but I just couldn't get my head around why some people are telling me I need a proxy when all I do is blog. Yes I want to use Scrapebox to find some nice places to build links, but I want to build them manually, I only want Scrapebox to do the finding part.

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