Website on top when searched

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Website on top when searched

I need my website to be on top when some one searches for it in the google search engine, please recommend or help


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Your website obviously need a lot of SEO work to reach on top of search pages. That's not easy or quick process and depend very much on your competition too, so your best shot is to hire some experienced SEO freelancer to give you professional advice and do the job for you.
At Seoclerks marketplace you can find many different services which can do this for your blog, but you can also search for professional freelancers and choose one with good ratings to do this for you.
If this really matter to you, to be on top of search pages, don't hesitate to invest some money, specially if it's for business website, it will pay off in the future!

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Like Abid has said it is not easy or quick to get your website to page one of Google or other search engines!

You need to first ensure your website is properly set up for SEO (like as in an SEO plugin) and then you need to research your keywords for your niche and create content that targets those keywords. You must implement proper on page SEO.

Then once all of that is done you can start building backlinks and doing other off page SEO work.

You need to decide what work you will do yourself and what you will be outsourcing. If you know nothing about ranking a website or about SEO you need to get learning, or you need to start spending some money. You can get every little thing you need done for your website here in this marketplace.

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Getting a good ranking in search engines is a waiting game. You have to be patient because it doesn’t come that easily even if you employ an SEO expert. From what I have been reading in this site, there are many factors that affect the ranking of your site in the search engine list. My best bet is the content. If you regularly upload good contents then you have a good fighting chance with the ranking. What I mean by good contents are those neatly written with good grammar and with substance - shares information. And being an original content, that’s what the SEO algorithm likes.

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