PayPal's Very First BOT on Slack!

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PayPal's Very First BOT on Slack!

"Sending Money? Now There’s a Bot for That."


BOT's have taken over tons of tedious tasks and they have clearly been an amazing, sometimes annoying invention. - But they are here to stay, and they've been around for more than 50 years already!

Gartner even predicts that humans will interact more with BOT's then their partners by the year of 2020. - 2020!

Sending money to your friends, partners or even paying an invoice.. - With the PayPal bot, you can send money between PayPal accounts without leaving your Slack conversation. - That's truly amazing, cool, perhaps not so innovative, but still a great alternative.

You can read the whole articles here:
Sending Money? - Now There's a BOT For That.
BOT's are 50 years old.
Gartner prediction.



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Oh that's way cool Andre, thanks for sharing.

I just can't believe we will be talking to bots more than our partners by 2020 that's insane! I guess though that the amount of time we spend online is huge, so if we encounter bots on every website I guess it makes sense.

It will be a very strange world though

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It is an amazing feature that PayPal has got and this is the more reason I feel sad when I see that I couldn't send money using PayPal in my resident country.

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