i ask me why Seller did not answer

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i ask me why Seller did not answer

Hello All Freelancer

Seller did not answer

Any freelancer help

i am waiting for freelancer help

thank all


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Hello starseoworker,
I can't really understand what you're asking or what troubles you have..?

If you've bought a service and the seller doesn't reply, then there's nothing much to do. You can wait for the seller to respond or request a mutual cancellation.

If you need more assistance I'd recommend that you contact SEOClerks support.

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Before placing the order, did you check the response time of the seller. It could be that his or her response time is a bit long, showing that he is not often online. Maybe he did not notice that you placed an order. Give it a couple of days, maybe he will log on and get back to you. If not, and if you need the work to be submitted quickly you may wish to cancel the order and place it with another seller who is more active.

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I would definitely read EliteWriter's response. You see sometimes sellers here list services and then do not come back. Then a buyer would order, and end up having to cancel the order. Definitely check the response time of the seller before you order a service, this could save you a lot of time if the seller doesn't respond fast to their own orders, they probably do not even care that you bought it. You could also try messaging the seller. When you message a seller, if they have not edited their account settings, they should receive an email informing them they got messages on the site. This is one way to make the seller responsive. You could also comment on their services letting them know they are not replying.

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