Facebook is testing Messenger Ads in Australia & Thailand.

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Facebook is testing Messenger Ads in Australia & Thailand.

Facebook Messenger.

As I've said numerous times before today, I believe Facebook are smart and in need of changes in various things.. And we have been seeing some changes these last couple of weeks (months) now. Today, it's all about the messenger app.

Facebook is testing Messenger Ads in Australia & Thailand.

This week we are launching a very small test in Australia and Thailand that gives businesses the opportunity to place ads on the Messenger home screen.

Source & Announcement:
Testing ways for people and businesses to engage on Messenger

So, people in Thailand and Australia.. - Why would they do the test there? - Does anyone have more information about that? - Why wouldn't they go with a test in EU, UK or US?

Why limit themselves to such a small fraction of people?

Here's what they said about it:
We hope to learn a lot from this test, but we will take our time before considering further expansion to ensure that we deliver the very best experience to both advertisers and the 1 billion people who use Messenger every month.

- However, I can't really see the reason for this limit. From my perspective, it should've been better to spread this test a bit more.

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I'm sure this is good for businesses as they have more advertising options but as a FaceBook user, it is just annoying for all those ads that makes your page so much longer. Not like your phone is not small enough. I hope they don't release it for everyone as I feel like it will hurt user experience.

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Looks like business have more area to capture now. Not sure if people are going to view them or click at them. But yeah if it that is how they make money then surely something good to check out. I have seen some of the ads on the whatsapp too. But it seems like a good place to put on ads in facebook messenger.

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I don't have issues with where owners of an app/website decides to test their product as long as it gives them the needed boost to carry on with what they want to do. That's the reason I won't fault Facebook owners decision to test the messenger in Australia.

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Since Facebook is free to the public, I guess it’s only right for them to earn from the ads that they will use. But I wonder how the ads will appear in the messenger since it is a small screen and for private use only. What I mean is only the sender and receiver of the message can see the ads while if that appears on the timeline, more can see it. But anyway, that’s the call of Facebook and I respect that.

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Honestly, I hate ads which is very common and usual in internet nowadays. Part of business, of course. But If Facebook will include ads to messenger too, it's fine for me since I have a free account on Facebook and it is actually helping me in many ways so just a simple way to appreciate Facebook is to bare with the ads even though it is already annoying.

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