Important Metrics to check Blog engagement

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Important Metrics to check Blog engagement

Hello guys,

Please mention important Metrics that will tell us if our Blog is Engaging or not?


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Do you use Google Analytics for your blog? You can use that and then check the average time spent on your blog and then you can get a good idea on how much blog engagement your blog has.

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Well engagement means that your website visitors are engaging with you, so just like MasterA said you can check what your visitors are doing on your website by checking your bounce rate, how many pages are visited per user and also how long they spend on your website. Another good way is are you getting any comments and feedback from your readers?

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I personally make use of the page views, exit pages and the conversion of the links. This way you can find out if the links on the blog are properly converted or not. If you are interested in getting more people to like your product. Then you should consider writing on those niche. I have found that some readers are not worth coming. And unless you want to get more people to buy some stuff through affiliate links you should just focus on those type of posts as well.

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The concrete indication of engagement to your blog are the comments from the readers. When your blog regularly gets several comments for each new upload then that can give your blog a good ranking since the engagement is concrete. To be honest, I don’t bother to check the analytics of my blog since I don’t think I can make heads or tails of it. But anyway, I am thankful that I always get new knowledge from time to time in this forum.

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