Facebook Groups Will Become Very Important in 2017

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Facebook Groups Will Become Very Important in 2017

About one year ago Facebook announced that the traffic of active people on Facebook Groups is bigger than both Facebook Messanger and WhatsApp put together.
Even though Facebook doesn't really focus a lot of developing and improving the Facebook Group feature it continues to grow and develop.

This is why I believe in 2-17 Facebook will finally decide that Groups need to be improved and promoted. In the last couple of months, we already saw a couple of changes and improvements this trend will only continue to my point of view.

What is the bottom line in all of this?
Facebook Group is a great way to increase overall user's engagement with the general Facebook platform. Facebook Groups are becoming huge ways of people that share common interests to interact and connect and this is what Facebook is all about it only makes sense to encourage groups by giving them more feature, both for users but also moderation features for Facebook Groups admins, to help them keep everything in check.

What do you think about Facebook Groups? Do you think they are a reliable source of potential social network based traffic?
I personally think YES if you find the right groups directly related to your niche and you offer them a good product, an answer to their problems, I don't see why you won't be successful.


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Thanks Cristian. I do agree with you on a lot of points here although a lot of Facebook groups are seriously useless!

I have found that there are some really good Facebook groups that are niche related, yes but overall it seems my experience has been that Facebook groups are often just a place for people to dump their content and run with not so many people actually reading the content or clicking through to your website.

How exactly do you combat this? The other thing I would love to know is how to grow your own Facebook groups. I have a few of them but the going is slow.

I guess I could do what so many people do to me and just add everyone I know into all my groups but I don't like it when people do it to me, I get really ticked off. I am looking for ways to grow my groups where people that want to be there join.

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One way of making sure your posts get more engagement is by creating polls. Polls are naturally much more interactive by nature compared to standard posts. Even if it's a poll with only one simple question and two simple answers. People just can't help selecting an answer (it's human nature). And often when they do, it leads them to actually click on and check out the link that the poll is linking to as well. My experience of creating polls is a good experience and I see much more activity and engagement from Facebook Group polls than I do normal Facebook Group posts. The only thing is they take a little longer to post since you have to put the question and then the answers for them to vote on. But they do get a lot more response/activity and engagement. I'm actually starting to offer poll creation in my Facebook promotion services now. Facebook Groups Will Become Very Important in 2017

So yeah, polls are the way to go if you want to get more interaction and engagement on your posts. Facebook Groups Will Become Very Important in 2017

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I was just going to say that polls will be just too much effort for me even if they do create more engagement... or I might in my own Facebook groups at some stage..

But oh yes a poll service that will be amazing! I'll give that one a go for sure!

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This is a very nice article. Thanks for sharing.Facebook Groups Will Become Very Important in 2017

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Great post, Yes I think groups can be important for traffic depending on the type of niche your targeting. I own a good number of groups and help admin a few others which ain't mine. Some manage great with groups the set up a group and gain thousands of members in matter of day's while some struggle . Like I say depend's on the niche and how much time really you spend on it. I have one with over 5000 members and get just short of 100 new members daily. And other groups few hundred but still I try promote when ever I get the chance when am not busy creating forums .

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Facebook groups are very important to get social signals. When you share on Facebook groups you not only generate traffic for also get social signals. Social signals help in google ranking. However, when you join a facebook group, you should make sure that the motive of the facebook group matches with your niche. There is no point in joining a group meant for gamers when you have a recipe website. Furthermore, interaction is key when you are on facebook group. Joining facebook group just for the purpose of sharing your links will not help you.

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I have seen those who have courses on Udemy are making use of the facebook group. And that seems to be working for them. I guess for those who have the time to respond to the clients. They can make use of the groups may answer people this way. But so far not a lot of people are going to be able to respond to the comments. But it can form a good community around. And you can pretty much get to learn how people are making use of your product, course or service.

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Facebook groups are all about having that place that you can really say that you can use to have people of common interest discuss matters that concerns them.

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I actually have a Facebook group on which I am inactive. My last post in the group was in 2015. Over the last few months many people have been joining this page and I can't understand how this is happening. Neither have I advertised for this page nor requested others to join my group. Maybe Facebook is behind this.

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In terms of marketing, I agree that Facebook Groups will be an important venue. Maybe that is a good reason to create your own group and gather as many members as you can so when the time comes that you need to market something then you already have a captive audience. But I know that it’s not easy to maintain a group because it is similar to a forum that needs regular activity. Once it becomes stagnant for a day or 2 then members will be forgetting about it and may not visit your group anymore.

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