Making money out of politics & Trump?

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Making money out of politics & Trump?

First of all, let's not talk about Trump, Hillary, Obama or any other President and please save all the politics for another topic. - I'm not interested in politics and I don't want to talk about it.

What I wonder is, if you can make money out of it. As a blogger. I mean, politics, come on, we all know it; Millions of people are interested and millions of people are reading stuff all day long.. - So with a decent blog you should be able to get a flood of people, right? - As long as you do some SEO obviously.

But how could you monetize something like that? - Millions of visitors.. Millions of people with thoughts, ideas and beliefs. - Is it possible to make money by doing one thing alone from something like this?

What would you do? - I would probably go with adsense, but it seems it's a rather bad option actually.


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Politics is probably one of the most popular topics to date, with everything that goes on in the world being surrounded by politics people are always looking for way to keep up with the going's on in the politics world. I would say if you create a blog with political content as long as you had fresh new content often and worked on your SEO and used things like Google Adsense to your advantage you could make money from something like this. Adsense would definitely be my go to as well as the working on SEO regularly, it should see some high numbers of traffic coming in.

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I have seen a lot of people are making fake news and making fun of trump. However real data and reality about news always comes out. You can see that trump has done his job so far. So the joke is on people who makes fun of him. I don't think a lot of people would be understanding that propaganda is not something people can tolerate for long. At the end of the day people do see through the propaganda and they avoid such sources. So never choose the path of propaganda to make money.

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There is one blogger here named Mocha. She used to be a budding singer in an all-girls band. And although she did not get popular in singing, she became popular in blogging because her blogs are about politics. Mostly writing of controversial topics, she got noticed by detractors and haters. Ironically, those negative reactions made her popular. And eventually, she was taken in by our country’s president to be undersecretary in the press department.

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