Logo Designs - Simple or Complex?

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Logo Designs - Simple or Complex?

One of my biggest problems when starting a new website is finding the right logo. I want people to understand the identity of my websites at first glance this is why I spend a lot of time finding the right logo.

I also have a very hard time choosing the right one, I usually make my on varieties but sometimes I also ask designer friends to help or I even buy a couple from here on SC or other marketplaces.

I'm always torn between using a very complex logo or a simple minimalist one. The truth, is I'm pretty sick and tired or minimalist logos, I love the logos of the 60s, those were some bright and colorful logos that told a story, nowadays everything is faded and simple.

What do you think? Should we go for modern minimalist logos or should we bring back colors and complexity into the mixture?


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Man I don't know. I think you're thinking too much into it. A logo is a logo is a logo you know? Whether it's minimalist or complex, whether it's simple and monotone or it's vibrant and colorful. What really matters is how you feel about it and whether you're happy with it or not. Whether or not it's something you feel truly represents the business that it's intended for. What kind of business is that? Is it a happy, upbeat and positive business/company that is people orientated and provides a "feel good" service. Or is it just a plain and simple business that focuses more on getting the job done than anything else? A logo shouldn't really be complicated and should be kept simple IMHO. Something that people can "identify" your business with from all the rest. Something that stands out yes, but something that isn't a mess of a thing with too much going on. A logo should be kept simple but also make use of good colors and be vibrant and memorable!

Obviously you want to get it right and anyone can appreciate that. But logos aren't set in stone, companies change logos or make changes to them all the time. Even if it's just in a small way. Take Google for example. Their "Google" logo has gone through a lot of changes since the early days of Google. Their Google logo has "rolled with the times" and updated to reflect modern standards and the like.

That's just something to think about for what it's worth. Logo Designs - Simple or Complex?

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Having colour in a logo is always an eye catcher but it really depends on the colours and the vibrancy you bring to the logo as to whether it would work or not. Some people do not like to see bright colours on a website and would rather see logo's and images that are easy on the eyes. You have to look at the kind of website you run, is it a simple website? Would a minimalist logo work for your website and would it be catchy enough for people to notice it? It's about getting the right kind of logo for your site that would catch visitors eyes but not put them off. Think about what you want to see for your website and work with ideas that come to mind, feel like a change? Ask visitors for feedback or simply go with your ideas again. It's what makes your website unique!

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