An A to Z of Visual Ads That Perform and Convert in 2017+

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An A to Z of Visual Ads That Perform and Convert in 2017+

I put this A-Z of Visual Ads that work together which anyone that is starting out in the world of advertising might find useful so they can create killer ads that convert well! An A to Z of Visual Ads That Perform and Convert in 2017+

An A to Z of Visual Ads That Perform and Convert in 2017+

A is for Attention
The first thing your ad should do is grab the viewers attention. You only have 7 seconds to do that in.

B is for Branding
You want people to trust the ad and identify it your brand so use logos, colors that represent your business.

C is for Call-To-Action
Every ad must have a call to action in it as they fill the game between value in your ad and what they should do about it.

D is for Design Match
The landing page people visit should match what they was expecting to see from your visual ad.

E is for Empathy
A great ad speaks to the persons heart, using empathy in your ads helps you to understand the target audience so you can appeal to them better.

F is for Frequency
If you show the same ads to people too much they'll grow tired, bored and annoyed at them. So control how often you show your ads and to who.

G is for Goal
Ever successful ad campaign needs a goal so you have a target to reach for, aim shoot and score!

H is for Headline
Apart from your visuals, a great headline also draws in the viewer to your ad and is key for attracting their attention.

I is for Images
People perceive visual information much much faster than they do text. So use eye catching and appealing headlines that convert.

J is for Joke
Humor sells and makes things light hearted which warms the heart and converts. So use humor in your ads where it's appropriate to do so.

K is for KPI
Before you even start an ad campaign, you should know your metrics first for the objective you are looking to reach.

L is for Landing Page
Your landing page is as important as the ad itself. They should reflect & mirror the promise or statement your ad makes.

M is for Measurement
You'll want to know how well your ads are performing so measure what matters so you can see how well you're doing with each.

N is for Native Ads
Native ads are ads that match the look and feel of the website/platform they are published (appearing) on.

O is for Optimization.
No Ad is perfect and complete, they will always need tweaking to get them "just right" and performing well by optimizing them.

P is for Pixel Perfect
Bad and lazily designed ads don't convert as well as ads that are high quality with no blurry or jagged edges which just make you look unprofessional.

Q is for Quality
Using high quality images in ads today is a must! Just like being Pixel Perfect, your ads need to be high quality so that you can gain the respect of the viewer of them.

R is for ROI (Return On Investment)
You will want to earn back more from your investment than you're spending on your ads. That much is a given! The ROI let's you see just how well your ads are converting.

S is for Simple
Keep ads simple and don't over crowd them else it makes them hard to read and they get ignored. Respect people and design principles and keep it simple for them.

T is for Target Audience
You might have the most amazing looking ad but if you're targeting the wrong people it wont really matter. Think about who you're targeted audience is and advertise to them only.

U us for Understanding
Very similar to keeping it simple, your ads should be easy to understand and get the message across plain and simply without confusing people with too much clutter and crypticness.

V is for View Through
Just like tracking the CTR (Click Through Rate) you'll want to monitor your VTR (View Through Rate) too so you can measure the impact that your ads are having and make changes as necessary.

W is for Why?
As in why should they click on it? This is the first question you should ask yourself and think of something that gives your targeted audience a reason to click on it!

X is for Ad Choices
You know that little x in the top right hand corner of an ad? It gives viewers a chance to opt out of receiving specific ads to those and report them too if needs be.

Y is for You
Remember, your ads aren't about you, they're about your targeted audience, so create ads that are orientated for the audience you're targeting.

Z is for Z Tons of Patience
When it comes to advertising, success doesn't usually happen overnight! You'll need z tons of time and patience to test, test and test some more for good results!

And that, is an A-Z of some of the most popular and frequently used terms you'll come across and use when it comes to using visual ads in 2017+ today!


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Oh my! Nobody ever simplified the visual ad process quite like you have. Just to be clear though. If people use Ad Blockers, these A to Z tips may sort of become null. Yes? If so, then ... please correct me if I'm wrong ... it is important to give your image an "alt title" and should you not also, place a text link under your visual ad, so that if the ad blocker prevents the image from displaying, then perhaps the text link ad will still appear. Is my understanding correct?

The HTML Alt and Title Attributes

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One of the most creative ads lesson that I've taken in 2017. I mean that you just made it as simple as anything for anyone that is ready to implement it in those ways.

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