I stopped freelancing.. - And made money!

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I stopped freelancing.. - And made money!

Hello fellow freelancers!
It's been about one month since my post about leaving this wonderful freelancing world..
Since then, I've made more money than I made the last 3 months combined..

With that being said.. What should I do now?

As you might be aware of already, I don't really like the thought of quitting freelancing, and it was a hard decision to make.. But I did end up taking this decision.

Since that day, I made a "shit ton"of money, and that obviously led to some serious thoughts and regrets.. - Should I stay or should I go?

This is hard.. And I would really love to stay, but I don't want to end up in the same situation again..

I can't allow myself to be greedy and take the wrong turn here, but it's hard to leave the money on the table too, especially now when it's so easy to just put it all in my own pockets.


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My freelancing is also taking a turn. I am currently in the search for a full-time job. However, the thing is, it's hard to get a full-time due to many aspects. For instance, employers are looking for part-time employees so they don't have to pay for healthcare. So if you get a job in the states, it'll most likely be part-time because employers don't want to furnish out thousands for healthcare per employee that works a full-time job. So they take a full-time position, and create two part-time positions. This gets on my nerves, because you'll end up working 2 jobs because you'll have no other choice. I refuse to work 2 part-time jobs again, I have done it before and let's say that it's just so exhausting. Good luck with your endeavors though!

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YAY Andre, I am so happy and excited for you. I know how down in the dumps you have been the last few months and you really deserve to just catch a break.

I would carry on with your plan to do a 9 - 5 while you build up your own business. Yes you might land up working your ass off if your own business gets really busy, but I know you are the type of person that is not scared of hard work. Build yourself up until your business is stable and then leave your 9-5 job.

I would hate to see you get all excited and jump back into freelancing and fall into a slump again, then you will be more miserable than ever!

Use this momentum to get your business going and to motivate you. I know you can do it!

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How much time have you got at the moment? Maybe you can try to do both freelancing and a full time job and then decide after a few weeks what you want to give up? It can be a hard decision and it is totally up to you.

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I guess it is better to go with the choice which offers stability. Freelance is volatile but if you have the savings and a good client base, it would be better to freelance. Perhaps you might consider doing both but that is draining indeed.

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congratulations on your new engagement but would you mind to tell us about it.Is it a regular job?Well,you could combine the two.Making money and freelancing but you need to use the time wisely.

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Because of the freedom freelancing gives to the people, more and more people are leaving the regular job and entering the world of freelancing. With more freelancer around us, it is becoming very difficult for the freelancers to get a job or better-paying jobs. My rate for writing is $1 for 100 words. A new freelancer is willing to write 100 words for 50 cents. I either need to lower my rate or give up the job, when I give up and do not find another job, I will lose money.
Freelancing is the career where you can not make goo money, there are always people who have better skills and these people take your jobs away from you and people who are willing to work for less and ultimately take your job.

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If you able to build a good source of passive income, or get a high paying job you might quit freelancing. For example, you do web programing and you get a job offer from Google, should you continue freelancing or get the job? I don't have to answer this, everyone knows the answer.
Likewise, you built an ecommerce site, you sell 100 products every day and make $1000, Do you want to continue working as an SEO expert for clients? You know the answer.

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I have been freelancing for more than 3 years and I have to admit that my income from freelancing is just a drop in the bucket compared to the salary of my full time job. So why I spend time in freelancing? First reason, it is my future occupation when I retire from my office job. Second reason, I am learning from my freelancing particularly the ways and means to earn money. Third reason, I enjoy the posts and sometimes I also earn some friends in the writing industry. If you can do that job which made you earn good money then you probably can give a few hours for your freelancing just what I do.

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Hi Andre, so, if you don't mind me asking, how did you make the money you've made since not freelancing then?

Is that wages from a job you got? Congrats and fair play to you if so!

I don't know, I think freelancing can be done both full time and in your spare time. A lot of freelancers hold down regular jobs and do their freelancing in their spare time. Like in the evening for a few hours or on the weekend and that. And if you can do that and hold down a job then more power to you. But if you're in a full time job and making a regular full time wage and income then it's not something you should feel like you have to do because you have to and should be something you can do in your leisure time.

So just go with whatever your heart is telling you to do. Although your head is clearly telling yourself something else. But later on down the line, most times we end up being glad we went with what our hearts told us to do.

Hope that's food for thought for you. I stopped freelancing.. - And made money!


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Oh, I knew I should've been more clear with this Mike.. I stopped freelancing.. - And made money!

I "stopped" freelancing, and I made money should've been the title. Because, ever since I made the decision, I made the money online.. And that's the reason I'm at a really strange place right now. I knew I had to stop, or at least freelance on my spare time instead of full time.. But since I "stopped" I've made more money than I made the last couple of months combined.. So yeah well.. Now I'm clueless.

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i think you should just stop some time to rest then back again quite completely

by the way which services do you offer and where you sell i dont see you sell anything here on seoclerks any tips,

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Andre, this made me laugh, because i was in same shoes once before I stopped freelancing.. - And made money! Looks like freelancing is your destiny I stopped freelancing.. - And made money!
Not sure why or how this happening, but about year ago i was pissed off for some reason and i stopped bumping my services and promoting my affiliate links for some time, just to take rest and try fresh start. To relax... And yeah, as you said, for some funny unknown reason my sales and affiliate sales almost doubled at the time... So it was like wind in the back and i thought, right, finally it started as i wanted to be, but it was just temporary boost, like it always happen = up and down I stopped freelancing.. - And made money!
So decision is still yours. I would say, don't give up on neither idea, freelancing nor full time job, just to make sure you don't regret latter ;)

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I think you should ask yourself:
- Is this just a coincidence or "good luck"?
- Will be this recurring? Have I done something that will allow me to earn much more than previously like the good old times? If yes, maybe it's not the time to quit freelancing.

You clearly have the capacity to be very successful online ;)
What I am not sure is if the timing is the most appropriate or not. Even if you need to work a part-time job to balance the risk, maybe you could be more comfortable with freelancing because you are going to have more time to freelance than with a full time job.

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