10 Reasons to Be a Blogger in 2017+ Even if Nobody Reads it!

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10 Reasons to Be a Blogger in 2017+ Even if Nobody Reads it!

These days, it can be hard to get peoples attention and attract blog readers, especially when there are many other blogs out there much bigger and better and older than yours! But whether you're blogging for yourself, for personal reasons or for a business, here's 10 reasons why you should keep going and never quit!

10 Reasons to Be a Blogger in 2017+ Even if Nobody Reads it!

1. Search Engine Benefits
Search Engines like Google give some preference to blogs/websites that update with regular fresh, unique content. Independent studies and research show that blogs that update regularly get up to 55% more visitors compared to sites and blogs that don't! That goes for sites that don't even have a blog as well.

2. Personal Growth
To be a good "expert" blogger in your niche, you have to know about the subject you're blogging about. You'll have to learn about it to become an expert in it. By blogging about the subjects and topics you care the most about, you'll be learning as you go and improve your knowledge in that area through every new blog post that you write and publish about it.

3. Improved Skill Sets
Blogging is a valuable, marketable skill set. By being a blogger, you're picking up skills on writing and blogging and that can be reflected through your blog posts. As well as provide outsiders an insight into the way you think and communicate with people. Blogging can literally improve your skill sets and help you to gain trust and authority in the eyes of your readers.

4. Virtual Sales Calls
Your blog is like a virtual sales call, in a way. It provides a constant way of communicating to people that are looking for ways to know why your blog and your sites products should be valuable to them. It gives you a chance to reach out to far away customers and remind them why your products and services are special.

5. Clarity
Blogging helps you to focus on the topics and subjects you are writing and blogging about. It can provide a way to crystallize your views and why you think the way you do about them.

6. Content Library
By blogging, you are creating a content library for anyone that wants to read about that particular subject that your blog is about. This content library can have a lot of practical uses and leveraged in lots of different ways such as answering potential clients questions or even just as a platform to provide a basis for a presentation or a speech.

7. Product Development
Your blog can be used like a personal R&D lab where customers can be engaged to help solve their problems and and even crowd source new ideas for new products and services which you can sell on your site.

8. Endless Search Life
The good thing about blog posts is their infinite life. Your blog posts don't just help the immediate readers, but sit around forever for whoever else needs or wants to read them for whatever reason.

9. Public Relations
Your blogs posts can be used to reach more people, unlike press releases or status updates, your blog posts have the potential to reach a massive audience when you use aggregation services and cross posting publishing platform.

10. Numbers Vs Impact
Sure your blog might be new and you might only have a few readers, but you may be able to change the life of one of those readers through your content. Surely if you help just one person it would all have been worth it? You could be really touching and helping peoples lives with your blog and might not even know it. So keep on blogging!

So that's 10 reasons to blog and keep on blogging.

Even if nobody is reading your blog!

Do you blog for any of these reasons?

What other reasons do you blog for?


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I do not blog, but thought of blogging. The only issue is, is that I have no idea of what to blog about. Why would someone wanna be interested in my boring life. I probably wouldn't even read my own blog.. lol. Also, I do not really read other people's blogs as I do not have the time to do so. So if I do not have the time, then who is going to waste their time reading my blog. Just the way I see it. Perhaps in the future i may get a blog.. who knows!

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Well, that's some negative thinking Everett! lol. And a blog doesn't have to be about you personally. It can be about something you and other people are passionate and or knowledgeable in. Such as coding? Software? Script reviews perhaps. And seeing as you sell scripts on here, you could create a blog that blogs about each of the scripts you sell, and then links to your script on here with your affiliate link.

You just gotta think outside the box! 10 Reasons to Be a Blogger in 2017+ Even if Nobody Reads it!

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Not negative thinking, but rational thinking! I have thought about creating a programming blog. But there is way too many of them. I do not want to get sucked into something that I do not have the time for. Perhaps it may help with sales, but I am already deep in projects that I have no time to spare. I'm seriously hoping that at some point I will be able to get a blog, and refer users to buy my scripts.

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Yeah negative might have been a bit of strong word lol. Definitely some rational or irrational thinking lol. Let me tell you something about blogging. Some of the biggest blogs today, that are literally now making the owners millions. All started off as simple blogs at first. Some of them had no idea their blog would get that big when they started it. That's the thing with blogging bro. Unless you build it, you'll never know. It's sort of like buying a lottery ticket but with better odds lol. I get what you're saying, (about time) but isn't your time spent on trying to set up another income streams? Blogging is just another part of being an Internet entrepreneur and it's all about setting up multiple income streams for yourself. And blogging should be something you do in your leisure. It's a leisurely activity. And something you enjoy doing. Simply because you're creative and expressive and want to leave your mark on the world and share and express your thoughts and feelings or knowledge and information with the world. But also as you said it could help with sales. It could help a lot. Come to think of it. I'm surprised you haven't done that already. TBH that sort of thing sounds like you Ev, like the sort of thing you would do. I see you running a simple blog at first, then adding some great software reviews, descriptions, tutorials and things to it. But all in your spare time and for fun and enjoyment (and even self learning). Then turning it into a massive well known site that lasts for many years and decades and makes you glad you started that little project way years back sort of thing. Something that could be a fortune 500 company!

Unless you build it, you'll never know! 10 Reasons to Be a Blogger in 2017+ Even if Nobody Reads it!

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LOL Mike I do think that a lot of people say that "anyone can blog" and while this is true in a way, I do believe that anyone that loves writing and wants to blog can make it as a blogger, not everyone likes sharing their thoughts with the world. Not everyone enjoys writing and as we all know you will have to be doing a lot of writing to succeed as a blogger!

Me, I just love creating content and I love all the social networking and engaging with my audience but there are so many people that won't enjoy this type of thing.

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That was really a great post, which holds a great deal of truth. You could be amazed at all the benefits you can acquire from creating a blog! I am sure that this post could inspire several who were considering blogging, to give it a go.

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Like me, I know of some other writers who ventured into writing for the improvement of their written English. And having a blog is one good way of doing that. With my experience in blogging, I can say that I had a great improvement since day 1 that I wrote my first blog. It wasn’t easy at first but as you go along, it will be easier. Until now, I am trying to improve by learning on the grammar and sentence construction. That’s why I enjoy going to forums like this site because I get to learn so many things aside from improving my English.

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I blog because one of my kids suggested it would be a good way to improve my affiliate marketing websites. I was clueless when I started. I have learned a lot of things the hard way. But as it stands now I've started the blogs, invested my time, and I am not willing to give up on the projects. Actually, I don't see any good reason why I should unpublish them. Meaning that even if nobody is reading my blogs (which is not the case), that's not a good reason to stop blogging.

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