how does seoclerk affiliate works

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how does seoclerk affiliate works

please i need basic explanation on how seoclerk affiliate works.

if I refer a buyer with my seoclerk affiliate link and and the buyer register through my link but decide to buy another service different from the service i recommend him will i still get affiliate commision?


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Seoclerks affiliate program is one of the best i have tried so far and you can make a lot of money by affiliating. Yet it's very simple program.
Once you get someone to sign up to seoclerks via your affiliate link, you will be earning affiliate income from every purchase your affiliate make ever after, even if he stop buying via your affiliate link. So it's really great news for you. All you have to do is to make them sign up via your link and probably try to encourage them to buy something...
One dollar services is very attractive to get new referrals, so promoting them with your affiliate link is nice idea, but also you can promote any other service(s) or look for some of these which offer more then 10% affiliate commission...

Hope this answers your doubts. If you need more details, just ask here how does seoclerk affiliate works

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wow thanks i think this all i need for now

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Hello pauljumbo,
anwebservices have already given a perfect answer for this question. However, I would just like to add my personal touch to this topic.

First of all, you'll earn 10% from your affiliates. For life. That basically means that even if you get someone to sign up using your affiliate link today, but that person decides to wait for a day, a week, a month or even years to purchase a service, you'll still get 10% from that. And you'll get 10% every single time your affiliate spends money. No matter how many services they buy. That's indeed fantastic.

Secondly. Your affiliate can buy whatever service they want, from whoever they want, and you'll still earn 10%. (Note that you don't earn affiliate commission for any official ionicware services.)

Best Regards,

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Also, do not forget that the site offers promotional banners. You can find the promotional banners via this page Promotional Resources.

You also do not need to use your basic affiliate link, you can apply the link to many of the website pages. For instance, if you wanted to use your affiliate link for the signup page you would do this:

Just include this part to any page you want to advertise.

Not a lot of people do this, they just use the default affiliate link, try and find some good services, and you will get affiliates in no time!

Good Luck!

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