Nokia is back with new phones!

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Nokia is back with new phones!

Anyone here owned a Nokia phone? I did! For a lot of years actually, I was a very big fan, having around 6 or 7 Nokia phone in total. They were very reliable, with a great software OS and huge battery life.

Dropping a Nokia phone wasn't a problem, you could never do that with today's phones.
Anyway, Nokia has now a new owner and them apparently just launch a brand new phone, their first with Android OS. They did have touchscreen phones in the past, very good once actually, with Symbian OS that was very stable and gave phones long battery life. Unfortunately, Symbian OS failed the same way Nokia phones failed once Android took over the world, they failed to adapt.

Either way, the new Nokia phones has 5.5- inch screen, round Android N with a 16MB front camera and 8MB secondary camera, 4Gb of ram and a huge internal storage of 64GB.

Apparently, the price will be around 250 bucks which aren't that bad for that kind of specs, I'll be watching the new release closely as I want to buy a new smartphone for a while.


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Does this Nokia phone have a name yet? Or is it still in the stages of being designed/launched? I tried to Google for some reference but couldn't find anything. I remember when Nokia was all the rage. It was the "unbreakable" phone. It was like a large plastic brick. Now, Nokia is kind of considered a phone for people that are on a budget or don't have the money to afford the more brand name phones such as Apple. However, I would like to see Nokia create an unbreakable smart phone, I think they would have the first, lol. Im rooting for you Nokia! Nokia is back with new phones!

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Let's see how they try to get back in the market, but I think many other manufacturers have taken over a long time ago.

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The only Nokia phones I see lying around my home is the cellphone types. We haven't used Nokia smartphones but I am glad they are there in the market. They are just not popular.

All I hear people talking about is infinix,tecno,samsung and oppo

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Nokia smartphones would be a great one for phone users and Nokia lovers like me.I love Nokia brand because of their quality and durability of their one brand that I don't doubt their integrity and reputation, they are always after customers loyalty and those that the only way to get it is through producing good products.wouldn't mind buying this specification.

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Nokia is the first brand of phone I ever had, back when they were popular and there are various models to choose from. They were very reliable and durable with great battery life. Their smartphones look to be some of the best budget phones to buy, I'm just glad the brand is back.

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