8 Great Ways to Use Instagram For Your New Business Tutorial

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8 Great Ways to Use Instagram For Your New Business

Are you a new business and trying to break into the popular social media site that is Instagram? Want to know some ways you can use Instagram for your new business? Then read on because here's 8 Great Ways to Use Instagram For Your New Business! And by learning of these ways to use IG, you'll be set on a path to replicate them over and over again until you start to see success from them. Although that's when you want to carry on doing them!
8 Great Ways to Use Instagram For Your New Business

1. Showcase Your Products
One way to highlight your business's best products is to showcase them by sharing a photo of them and then asking for peoples opinions on them. You could even showcase a lesser known product, or just a small part of it and then asking people if they can guess what the product is. It's a little sneaky but it's all fair game and by doing so, you'll increase awareness of that lesser known product at the same time. Do this every now and then.

2. Reveal How it's Made
People love to see how things are made. Why do you think the program "How it's Made" does so well? If you have a product that is unique, and manufactured just for you, let your follower see the origins of it and how it's made by sharing photos of the production process. For products that have a lot of steps, you could take a series of photos of each step taken from production to delivery. It gives people an inside view of the products they care about.

3. Go Behind the Scenes
Instagram can be used as a tool to give people a sort of VIP pass into what takes place behind the scenes. So take photos of real life moments of things that go on behind the scenes that they wouldn't normally get to see. This will show off your real life side and allow people to see that you're a real business and make it easier for them to relate to you. They'll also respect you for that as it shows transparency too.

4. Reveal What Your Products Can Do
People are people and people always have different uses for things. Even if it's only meant to do one thing! And imagination can only take people so far in knowing what your product or products can do for them. So upload photos to IG of people using your products in their own novel ways. Thus creating more demand for your products when people can see that they can be used for other things they didn't even know or wasn't even aware of!

5. Reveal Your Office Space and Employees
Similar to going behind the scenes, posting photos that provide a fly on the wall view of your office or the people that work at your offices or factory and warehouse etc, will give people a glimpse of what a typical working day at those locations in your business is like. It doesn't just have to be of people working, it could be photos of the business gym or playing field during lunch time. Meetings or training sessions, just brain storm and you'll find lots of ways that you can reveal the inner workings of your business or brand and that shows transparency and builds trust in you as well.

6. Take Followers with You
The good thing about IG is that you don't just have to use it for taking and uploading photos of your products or business, but for uploading and sharing photos of things that are related to your business too. That could be for things like going to trade shows, or researching new products, varieties, flavors etc etc. Use those moments to encapsulate what you do and you'll take your followers with you wherever you go!

7. Share Inspiring Quotes
People actually use Instagram to search for inspiring and positive quotes, thoughts and photos to feel better about their day. So if possible, try to share photos, thoughts and quotes that are related to your industry but that haven't been overused too many times! Sharing quotes and inspiring thoughts is a great way to build up solid relationships with your followers while letting them find out more about what kind of business you are too.

8. Use Contests and Competitions
I've saved the best for last because using contests and competitions is one of the best ways to get people interacting with your brand! You'll also gain a lot of new followers and a lot of reshares this way as well as the people that enter them will want their friends to enter them as well and so, share it with them and so on. The contests and competitions you start should be easy to enter and of course, offer some kind of prize to winners at the end.

Okay so that's 8 great ways to use Instagram for business reasons. By making use of all of these ways, you'll increase engagement, followers and shares of your IG posts, and you'll be building up your brand and trust in your brand quicker than what you would be by not making use of these methods and tips.

Do you use Instagram for your business? Are you making use of any or all of these tips? What other business tips for Instagram do you know of and like to use?


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It is quite cool to note ways that using Instagram can be useful to someone like me that is thinking of going into online marketing soon. It is not always easy, but knowing some of these points can go a long way in helping me market my products effectively.

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Great ideas. I have an instagram account (a personal account and not an account for business), however, I have never used my instagram account. Recently, when I went to check the account, I seem to have forgotten the password. I have recovered my password and reinstated my account, however, I am yet to fill my profile details. This post reminds me what I am missing by not using instagram for my business.

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I have read in one forum that showcasing a product is not as easy as posting the picture or image of the item. You have to be creative in your approach because you have to bear in mind that your post in Instagram of your product is an advertisement similar to what you see in the traditional print media. It has to have life, so to speak, which means the description is not that technical but something that the reader can easily understand. Take for instance a vacuum cleaner, I wouldn’t want to read the technical aspects like the wattage and horsepower. But I will appreciate reading the detailed functions.

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