Two of the biggest tech-related trends that will happen in 2017

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Two of the biggest tech-related trends that will happen in 2017

Two of the biggest tech-related trends that will happen in 2017
2016 was full of innovations and breakthroughs in every technology department, some more important than others, nevertheless a lot of "first" and a lot of trends were set for the year 2017.

Number 1 - Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies. As we saw with the release of Google Rank Brain, companies will start relying and more on technologies that learn by themselves than old school complex algorithms that never seem to be enough no matter how updated they get.

Number 2 - Augmented Reality. The success of Pokemon Go has made this happen and ensured this trend will go own strongly in 2017 even though VR is making a comeback and started to great a lot of buzz last year. AR is cheaper, easier to implement and the technology is already there, you just need a mobile device to use it, you don't need any additional or special gear.


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Augmented reality certainly made a huge impact on people, if you were to take a look at what happened with Pokemon Go. Even though the game has eventually lessened in its popularity, the essence of augmented reality and its appeal is undeniably there. Virtual reality is also bound to go further. I am looking forward for improvements in this field, especially with regards to the electronic products and advancements which will hopefully be more affordable as time goes by.

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Artificial intelligence is very cool. Can not wait for the technology to be everywhere. Just think about it, walking into your house and telling the AI to turn on a certain light for you, or to lower the heat. . very amazing! I remember watching a show called "Eureka" which had many aspects artificial intelligence, and some aspects of augmented reality. If you're a nerd for tech, or just a nerd in general then definitely watch that show. Now, I seriously can not wait for artificial intelligence robots to clean your house, make you dinner, and other stuffs! How cool would that be?! Hopefully 2017 is the year to really get this on the move.

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The development of Artificial Intelligence has been ongoing since a long time ago. I have read in one article that developers are having a hard time with the fine tuning. Take for instance the so called driver-less car, it is already functional but not 100% tested which means if something can go wrong then it will that’s according to Murphy’s Law. But I guess AI is now going somewhere with the automation of homes and offices that is a very promising development.

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