Amazon is slowly making drone deliveries a reality!

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Amazon is slowly making drone deliveries a reality!

Amazon is slowly making drone deliveries a reality!
I always thought drone delivery technology is still too young to be taken into consideration and that it still needs a few more years until the first real deliveries will take place.

But apparently not, Amazon already started to test done deliveries on real orders. On 7 of December 2016, it delivered its fist packages.

This service is called Amazon Prime Air and it can deliver products in 30 minutes or less if your home is located around an Amazon drone center. The Amazon app will notify you about this inside the app because it can see your location and if a drone delivery is possible.

Take a look at this video for more info:
I believe the technology is simply incredible and this is the future of delivery. Maybe in 15 years this will be the norm.


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OMG that is so awesome! Yes it seems incredible now, but you are so right in 10 or 15 years (maybe even less?) this could totally be the norm.

Imagine ordering a product and having it delivered by drone in less than an hour? Geez that is really being ahead of the times. I wish I was in a Drone area to be able to try this out, but I am in South Africa which is a third world country so we will probably be one of the last to have this sort of service Amazon is slowly making drone deliveries a reality!

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Hook these drones up to VR headsets and you are ready to fly just like a lot of people are already doing.

We need letter boxes on our roofs so goods can be delivered by drones and they will give a digital signature as drones drop the goods off in a place that thieves cannot access without a lot of trouble.

Elf-en- safety will rubber stamp anything they are paid to pass by big corporations and that includes cars without drivers but they will still fine us for walking to fast or having any fun out in the open air, like with my air-gun and using drones that come spying as target testing

More and more people will not be working or working for a lot less money in the near future and the state will create a lot more brown shirt jobs for street wardens and the likes but at first all this new teck will seem like good fun


Me thinks your number are out by a factor of at least three and maybe as much as five and every house (that will be 70%) that has a PS4 or Xbox will all be using VR within less than two years, obey the A.I machine it will make you feel happy

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I wonder how this will affect bird populations. Very interesting stuff. I doubt I'll be seeing it anywhere near where I live in my lifetime though.

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I have read a news article about drone deliveries and I also read another article about Amazon’s testing of the drone delivery. The issue is the distance of the delivery because the drone has limitations when it comes to distance. It was not clear but I think it is related to the safety that the longer the travel, the more risky it becomes. But it looks like drone delivery is just a novelty and not meant to replace the present delivery system.

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