Firefox will end its support of Windows XP and Vista

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Firefox will end its support of Windows XP and Vista

Firefox will end its support of Windows XP and Vista
Major software developers had already ended their support for Windows XP and Vista. Finally, Mozilla Firefox announced that they will also end the support for both Windows operation system by the end of September 2017.

Sure most browser will still work on your Windows XP or Vista device even past that date, but the risk will be high and you will be vulnerable to viruses and exploits.

This got me thinking, my father still uses a Windows XP laptop and I'm using Windows 7. Maybe is time for me to switch to Windows 10 and migrate him to windows 7.

Any Windows XP or Vista around here? If Mozilla is finally dropping support I think its time to move on!


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I still have a Windows XP disc. In fact, this laptop i'm on right now use to have Windows XP, but I upgraded to Windows 7. The reason for that is because of the potential for the system to be hacked, and because some of the applications I needed didn't support Windows XP. I do not like Windows 10. I have it on another laptop, and I just do not like the user interface. It's just bland, and boring, it's like they really didn't care and just made everything flat. The flat UI design is okay, but I think Windows 10 took it to another level. Also, with Windows 10, it uses up so much internet bandwidth, you have to disable a lot of apps, etc or else you'll be using up data.

Now, on to Firefox.. I think it's a great move for them. Pretty soon Windows XP, and Vista will be in the archives, and no one would support them. I wonder how many people actually still use XP and Vista. In fact, last time I went to the hospital there was still a Dell computer running Windows XP.. i was a little shocked really.. a hospital running a discontinued version of Windows?

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Oh wow, I kinda thought everyone was already on Windows 10 already. I don't know anyone still using Windows XP and Vista.

That said I dropped Firefox a while back, I moved over to Google Chrome and when I used Firefox quite recently for something I saw a donate button... eeekkk no thank you LOL.

Anyway, I think it is probably time to move on. I am usually the last to move over to a new system because I get used to things and then I am reluctant to change over.... so if I have been using Windows 10 for 2 years it is long overdue for you!

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Firefox is the worse browser to use when it comes to spying and the android version uses DLNA to spy on devices like your TV on your home network that extract the TV's serial number and upload it to NSA servers even when the browser has no "Cast To" or "Play Too" options

Try using something like WireShark on your PC to see how bad FF has become and the only good thing i can say about this browser is that it's easy to write plugin for it and it also comes with a few good ones that you can download.

Google pays FF $50m a year and most of the development goes on in India where that amount of money buys you a lot more than it does here

Forget Yandex from Russia or Software-Iron and Epic if you want a chrome based browser that not spying on you and have a play with FlashPeak Slimjet or use Opera if you can stand it because these two browsers spy a lot less than most other browsers do but none of them are perfect and will still leak information when they call home

I use my own browser that wraps the "The Chromium Projects" that already been wrapped by C++ code to get a browser that can be trusted but now and then deep within the base code it crashes but it's as good as it gets for a trusted browser that does not call home because it has no home to call

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Most of the modern browsers are supporting Windows 7 onwards. And in 2020, they may even stop upgrading for the Windows 7. Xp and the VIsta are now old and not many people are using them. So it can be safely said that there does not seem to be into the concept. I think it'd be reasonable to say that new code may force more security. And old systems need to be upgraded as soon as possible. I personally think that Windows 7 maybe the most better option in 2017.

So firefox closing the support is the best thing for the security. And we have to consider for the Windows OS that can change with security as well.

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My office laptop is running on Windows 7 but our home desktop is still under Windows XP. The browsers we use on the desktop are Chrome and Firefox which have both stopped their support on Windows XP. We had tried installing Windows 7 on the desktop but we had to revert to Windows XP because some old programs wouldn't run properly.

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I still have a desktop with Windows XP Os but I've stopped using it to access the internet a long time ago. It has several applications that won't run on Windows 7 and up and is still quite useful. I have an Adobe Photoshop portable version in it as well as a Firewire card. My printer/scanner/photocopier would only run in XP and lower versions of Windows as the manufacturer had discontinued its support for our printer's model. I only use my laptop to access the internet because it has updated anti-virus protection.

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