SEO trend for 2017 – Flat Website Design

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SEO trend for 2017 – Flat Website Design

Flat website design has been a huge trend in 2017 with website designers moving away from focusing on making a website visually appealing designs which often had a negative effect on SEO and moving towards a minimalistic approach instead.

It is clear that this flat website design trend is going to be following through well into 2017 with websites sticking to the plain and simple look.

This means clean looking websites with no unnecessary and complicated features that will slow it down and detract from the actual content.

This goes in line with the trend of focusing on in depth, quality content.


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Good. If this is going to be new trend then i like it. I was also liking this new era of this nice eyes catching websites, slide shows and other innovative addons but hey, sometime you visit website where everything is flaying around and not real information to read. Beside that, bunch of these plugins which are used for such nice looking additions to your website, also slowing down your website which is becoming crucial key factor for SEO and SERP and i bet people and search engines will start enjoying flat designs again, because of speed and real information you looking for to read or view

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Yes I know what you mean Abid. There have been so many times that I have visited a website and yes the graphics and all is incredibly eye catching and entertaining but because it takes so long for the actual information to load I have just looked at the pretty pictures then left.

When I am looking for information I prefer plain looking websites that load fast and where I an easily find what I am looking for. I prefer as little distractions as possible.

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I agree with this. I have talked to many designers and they are all into a flat design. However, I don't really like it but it just seems like this is the new trend which doesn't really appeal to me.

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Bad news SEO trend for 2017 – Flat Website Design
Very sad trend...
I don't like minimalism, bad for creativity SEO trend for 2017 – Flat Website Design

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I see the logic of the flat design of websites because it is one way of speeding up the displaying of the web pages. I’d say the flat design is also good in terms of SEO because it gets more points particularly for the quicker display. However let’s not forget that we are creating the website not for the search engines but for the humans who would visit the site. What we are having now if the flat design will be the standard is the loss of artistic design on the web sites. That is not good for the general public users.

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