Internet Marketer or Freelancer? - Is there a difference?

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Internet Marketer or Freelancer? - Is there a difference?

Internet Marketer or Freelancer? - Is there a difference?

Hello Freelancers & Marketers.

I have one simple question. It's easy to ask but I bet there's harder to answer this question. - Internet Marketing & Freelancing, is it the same?

There's obviously some major differences between the two, but seriously though, when I'm talking to other freelancers, they often state that they are internet marketers.

But is that the truth?

Would you say that you are an internet marketer, even if you online worked on SEOClerks for instance? - If you sold services on a marketplace,would you call that internet marketing too, or would you call yourself a Freelancer?

- Or would you call yourself nothing but a seller?

I've actually thought about this multiple times, and I always describe myself as a freelancer but I would definitely want to be able to give myself another work-titles too. - But to me, "internet marketer" feels a bit skewed.

Let me know what you think!

Best Regards,


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I would say that SEO freelancer and online marketer goes kinda hand in hand and can be interchangeable.

You have created digital products and you have sold them online so yes of course you can call yourself an online marketer. I am also an online marketer since I blog and I have also created and sold digital products. I market my blogs...

SEO freelancer could mean almost anything and so can online marketer.

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Well, generally if you are an internet marketer, you probably have freelanced at some point. When I started freelancing I learned about internet marketing to spread my services around the internet, so yes it does go hand and hand with one another. I do not think you could be a freelancer without doing much marketing because you have to basically advertise in different places to bring in the clients to purchase your services.

I do not think I have met a freelancer that does not market their services, it's quite impossible to be a freelancer with marketing somewhere. If you ever hear about a freelancer that doesn't market their products or services I would wonder just how much money they earned, and how exactly they are going about that.

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Freelancing means you are not associated with any organization and you work according to your convenience. As a freelancer, you work from home and you are your own boss. A freelancer may be working online as well as offline.
Internet marketing means you are working online and your job is to market and promote business, products and services online. You can be a freelance internet marketer as well as fulltime internet marketer associated with a certain company.
Freelancer can work anywhere, internet marketer works online. Freelancer takes any job (writing, marketing, programing etc.), internet marketer is basically a person who does marketing and promotion.

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I think that they are somewhat related, just that a freelancer might as well be someone that is into doing other things online apart from marketing and promoting the goods and services of his firm or the company that he is working for. So, they are both the same in my opinion.

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I think means two different things everyone working alone at different jobs online or offline can be called a freelancer, not a marketer.Internet marketer can be a freelancer who advertised, promote and eventually sell products, services, and brands.

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My understanding of an internet marketer is someone engaged in selling or advertising while a freelancer is someone who works 8n the internet to earn. That's why I consider myself a freelancer but not an internet marketer because my main line in freelancing is writing, I provide contents for forums. But I'd say that a marketer can definitely earn much more than a mere writer.

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