How To Convince People Of The Fact That You Are The Expert?

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How To Convince People Of The Fact That You Are The Expert?

How To Convince People Of The Fact That You Are The Expert?

Fellow Freelancers, or should I say Experts..

Today, I'll bring you something different. Something you'll need to think about.

The subject is the title. The answers will vary. Some people will say one thing and others will claim another thing to be better. That's just the average way of life.

What we will talk about, is how you position yourself to be an expert.

I will give you one example, of how I would do things.

When I was a salesperson for SVD (A newspaper in Sweden), I simply told my previous boss, during the interview, that I was a superb salesperson, even though I had basically no prior experience at all. - Was that wrong?

At first glance of such an answer, I would say yes. It was wrong.

However, I added more to it.

I told him that I had experience from being a freelancer for instance. That I had been working with people previously, but in other ways, but I still had social skills. I gave him the full story so to speak, and by doing that, I convinced him of the fact that I was "the guy" he needed. - And I started to work.

So yeah, perhaps not the best story or example, but decent enough to make my point. At least I think so.

With that being said, you can be the expert, even if seems like you're not.

How do you position yourself to be an expert?
How do you convince people?

Best Regards,


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You know, this reminds me of several things which make me chuckle whenever they come to mind. The first thing is that dog at the desk meme where he's saying, On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog. It certainly makes you paws for thought doesn't it? Badumm tss! How To Convince People Of The Fact That You Are The Expert?
How To Convince People Of The Fact That You Are The Expert?

But why am I reminded of that funny dog meme? Because when it comes to the Internet, not many people are truly who they say they are or are what they say they are too. And it's so easy to setup a profile on a social media site and call yourself an expert in something. And then going about using your self-claimed status as leverage to pull in clients and customers for your business with. How To Convince People Of The Fact That You Are The Expert?

And many many people do that. And literally wing it and blag their way through. This is where the gift of the gab comes in handy. If you're silver tongued and have a way with words, and with people. Then you can almost talk your way into anything in life.

But of course, people often look for backup of your self claimed expertise. Confirmation that you do have the skills you say you do and can do what you say you do. So it helps to have some kind of portfolio and links to previous clients sites on it with contact details etc. And examples, samples of your work that you can provide to potential clients who are asking.

That's possible if you're a proper business and already established. Not so easy for new businesses who rely on good reviews in order to get more clients/customers/business and more reviews likewise. That's what makes being a freelancer on SEOClerks good in that it shows feedback/ratings/reviews and recommendations from your previous clients that you've done work for.

The other thing it reminded me of is a very old funny viral video that shows on those top TV bloopers type of programs that shows this guy who thought he was going in for an interview for a job about the Internet or something, however there was a massive cock up and he actually ended up talking live on the news and this news presenter who thought he was there to talk about the Internet. So she was asking him all these questions about the Internet and that (as it's when it first kicked off) and he was basically winging his way through her questions. It's really funny to watch because he thought he was attending an job interview with some Internet company. And the news presenter thought he was there to talk about it but obviously, it was the wrong guy and this interview keeps going on and she's asking these questions about the Internet that he didn't really know the answers to and he's giving these really generic answers like lol and she's just having to accept it and try and get through it!

I'm not sure what the video is called or if it's on YouTube I tried to find it in the past but could not.

If anyone knows of that clip let us know it!

But basically, it just goes to show, she thought he was an expert in the Internet. Didn't even know anything about it, but still managed to blag and wing his way through it lol. How To Convince People Of The Fact That You Are The Expert?

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Dogs use the internet too! Have you seen the abundance of animal related twitter accounts, facebook pages, etc? I mean, there is evidence supporting that animals use the internet. If you can see it, you can believe it.. right? But I totally agree with you. There is many people claiming to be an expert at everything, even when they know nothing about what they claim they are an expert in.

Too many times i have see where they claimed they are an expert and have asked a question and they basically didn't know the answer. So if you are going to claim you are an expert you better have the expertise, and knowledge to back it up!

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My feeling is that if you want to be considered an expert it is important to behave like one... and for me that means not claiming you are an expert LOL.

The thing is that you have so many self proclaimed online gurus and when I hear someone say they are a guru or an expert in the online marketing field I just get annoyed... like you and how many other millions of people?

I would say the best thing is to offer value to people, like joining in these discussions and being real, offering good solid advice and tips to other members.

That would speak for itself.

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Being an expert is no fun because people don't understand you or the subject and often think you are wrong

Most people are convinced that the internet hosts something like five hundred million web-sites because someone told them so and any search in Google will return to 3,999,432 results and Alexa lists billions of domain names but if we are talking real sites and not just 302 HTTP redirects or domain parks, real sites as in at least one real visitor in a day then the total for English speaking sites is well under two million and i would estimate the total for the world as being about five million.

if i said that got several billion hits a day then no one would blink eyelid but what about because Alexa has it ranked as 17,428,622, dead in other words and the world does not contain 17 million sites anyway unless you count sites that went 404 back in 1993 too.

Sure you can do an Whois to find that google ownes these servers but you end up reading computer code on GitHub to see whats going on and why this Url is embedded into every crome based browser in the world but who wants to know, no one is watching you, ignor the name, run the google update windows service, trust me, i'm a doctor

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My main line is forum posting. I am not claiming to be an expert of anything yet for now but when I go full time with my online work then I should be focusing more and sharing more information. An expert has a complete grasp of the subject matter and that would be my aim.

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I don't think there's any other to show a prospective buyer or client that one is an expert than showing what one can do, this is showing samples of previous work done.just telling the one you are an expert wouldn't cut it because anyone can say that.of course, talk is really cheap, just prove yourself with the previous jobs done and if there were good hen one get hired without delay.

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