Sales - Luck or Skill? - Or in fact both?

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Sales - Luck or Skill? - Or in fact both?

Sales - Luck or Skill? - Or in fact both?

LUCK OR SKILL? - Or do you need both?

We all know that you make money from sales. You get an order and you'll have to work to complete the order. When you've done the work you'll deliver the results to your client. And you get paid. - That basically how it all works.

However, we also know that you can increase your chances. You can increase the odds, so you'll have a better chance of making money. - And how?

First of all, we have the actual product or service you provide. Secondly, we have the title and third, the description. - Right?

So, when that first order comes in..
Is it because you're lucky enough to score a sale or do you as a person have the right skills to convince the potential client to hit that "order button"? - Or do you need both luck and skills to make money?

Personally, I believe you'll make money based on both skills and luck, and you can increase your chances to make money by being lucky or by having even more skills.

What do you think?

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In the world of online marketing there are a lot of lucky people out there who capitalize on something before it becomes saturated or the bubble bursts. These people got in at the right time and either stopped when the work started slowing or they sold their system when their own profits started to dwindle. These are the so called "Gurus" who sell their systems lol.

I would say that it definitely takes both luck and skills in order to make a good income online, and here's why.

The things you've learned over the years will come in handy when setting up a new website, system, software or a sales funnel because you've already done all the trial and error throughout the years and know what works. Sometimes you'll get hit with a ton of bricks and get 0 sales even if you do everything according to your perfect plan, and that's happened plenty of times to top marketers. Your skills are what get you to set up the systems that the beginner can't, and that sets you ahead of the pack when it comes to making money or sales.

If you're just starting out online or you're an experience marketer, you'll always run into luck whether it's big or small. I've seen some people start up an odd service and hit it big in a little amount of time and then sell their website or business for an extreme profit. On the other hand I've seen people invest thousands into a system and make nothing in return Sales - Luck or Skill? - Or in fact both? Luck usually get's seen as huge profits by someone who took a chance, and not even a calculated chance. If everything was calculated and analyzed, then you profited huge, that fall into the realm of skills, not luck. But even the master marketers out there take chances even though all the data says something won't work, but luck is on their side and shined on them brightly Sales - Luck or Skill? - Or in fact both?

I definitely think it takes both skill and luck to pull in sales. I prefer to go the skills route and not take too many chances, and it's worked out well so far. I do take some chances and they don't always pan out for the best, but I try not to invest too much money into my gambles because if I lose it all I'm not losing much. But if I hit it big, I did it on a small investment and it pays an enormous ROI Sales - Luck or Skill? - Or in fact both?

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I think that the first sales are made by luck, or by having a really enticing service description coupled with a competitive price. Remember that at first you cannot flaunt your rating or recommendations, and so there is really nothing to show that you really have the skills. In time you will get sales as a result of favorable ratings and recommendations made by past clients, and since this depends on whether they are satisfied or not, then it is a result of your skills and experience.

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I think the first job comes in by luck because you have done the job before and nobody knows your capability or skills then,so it will take God's favour and luck to pull through.

So basically it will be luck and then it will take luck and skills to keep or maintain the clients.

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I'm with Razzy on this one, it is a combination of luck and skill.

I also think that when you have spent more time working online your skills get so fine tuned without you even noticing it that you seem to hit "lucky" a lot more often.

I noticed this recently when I tried something new, everything just flowed and the sales are rolling in. However I believe if I had tried this a year ago I would not have been nearly as lucky with sales as I am now.

I do think that there have been a good few complete newbies that have managed to land it lucky and pull in sales without any experience.

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I think sales have to do with both luck and skills. However, there is a need for us to understand that skills come before luck in the sense that a marketer without the skills might struggle in selling his goods in a highly competitive market.

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I had a selling business twice already and both failed. I attribute the failure to lack of luck. Selling was my forte when I was younger so I know the ins and outs. In fact, I was doing good in selling clothes that's why I opened a boutique. But luck was hard on me and no matter what I did, the business was slipping away from my grasp. I really think that ypu need luck in business.

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