Blackhatters - A Real Threat For Authors And Product Creators

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Blackhatters - A Real Threat For Authors And Product Creators

Blackhatters - A Real Threat For Authors And Product Creators

Have you ever seen the movie Blackhat? - In my personal opinion, it's a decent movie, but nothing too fancy.. However, this topic is not about that kind of blackhatters.

What I'm talking about here, is the people who share products and softwares for free, openly to the public. Just like when you download a movie, a game or a song using torrents from a torrent site. These people grab themselves a copy of a product, they crack it if needed and they share it, so others can use it for free.

That basically means that the authors doesn't get paid.. And they lose money they should've earned.

Most of you are aware of the fact that I write and sell ebooks. I even shared one of my ebooks in the Community Discussion. - That specific ebook was actually shared by a so-called blackhatter at one point. Just a day or two after I released it. - Do you think I missed out on a lot of profits? - It's impossible to say, but I definitely believe that I missed out on a few sales at least.

Fortunately, I quickly contacted this person and after that, he actually removed the product, so people couldn't get it for free.. But I think it took him about a week to do so..

Anyhow, do you think a lot of creators and authors are missing out on money due to blackhatters, and do you think these so-called blackhatters are a real threat to freelancers in general?

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Man I'm guilty! I used to help run a large bit torrent community when that was raging back in the early 2000's! POTUK they're called and I'm Brazen1 LOL. And no that's not POTUK for pot ahem, it's an acronym for Pirate of the UK. HAHA it sounds so funny to say that these days. But back in the day, I used to eat, sleep, breath and defecate POTUK. I even met up with the owner, a couple of mods and some other users from that forum once that we used to talk in IRC. They actually come and kind of kidnapped me LOL. And we all had a massive knees up and I got on really well with them they was awesome.

But yeah, needless to say, I used to use up a alot of bandwidth downloading and seeding bit torrents lol. Movies, music, games and apps. But it was so easy and so addictive and it was also such a grey area back then and not enforced as much as it is now. I used to burn avi files of movies to CD and and download whole albums with the covers and print them off and sell them to my work mates for a fiver a pop lol.

I remember now, I had 4 HDD's. 80GB SATA Maxtors and Kingston's I think. Instead of drive A: B: C: D: etc I called them Eanie, Meanie, Miney and Moe LOL. And they were all pretty full up of tons of download apps, games, music and movies etc etc.

And I never used to think anything of it. It was the sort of thing back then if you had a computer and broadband at home where everyone was doing it if you know what I mean. And I never used to think back then about how it might effect the actual creators of those files. The app developers, the musicians and singers and actors and directors etc that worked their ass off to create it.

In fact, I think I even used to justify it by saying that it's okay because those same musicians, singers, actors, app devs etc etc still make a truck load of money from it all anyway and well overpaid and often minted anyway so it sort of made it easier on the old conscience ya know?

Eventually though you started hearing more and more about how creators and artists, recording labels, even the RIAA and MPAA were taken people to court. Tracing their IP address back to them through their ISP. Literally knocking on their door with a subpoena lol.

Well after that I stopped using computers so much for a while and was doing other stuff so wasn't into gaming and computing as much and things change you know how it is. You get a new PC, old ones get lost etc. Fast forward 15 years now? And I've never returned to using bit torrents on that scale before. I do sometimes find myself using it though as bit torrent itself is not an illegal technology to use. It's only what they share on it that is illegal. Well, more illegal than it used to be anyway but still hard to enforce and still going fairly strong too.

And the same can be said for info products (eBooks) too. They are created works that are created to serve a purpose and make someone's life (the reader) better in some way. They are informational resources that contain the information they need to do that. When you create a eBook that does that for people, and you've worked hard on it, then you should rightfully get a payment for each person that reads it and finds it so.

Well I've also learned a lot since those days. And I've dealt with it first hand myself since, like yourself, as an author, as a creator of something you've worked hard on, being given out freely with no credit or payment that you deserve and it's kind of like a slap in the face isn't it?

It's not right to work hard on something and then rightfully sell that and anyone that uses it, uses and finds a good use for it. Or enjoys it in someway whether personally or publicly. And you not get something for that, call it a royalty fee or just payment for it.

And then there's the other way of looking at it. The more money these app developers, artists etc get, the more better equipment they can buy, the more songs and movies and or apps they can produce, which in turn makes your life better as well.

And that is why these days, if I'm going to actually have a use for something. I'll buy it if I can. I never download music and movies anymore. There is no need anyway really as I got more doovdas than Jackie Chan's got moves and I do most if any gaming on my Playstation.

Anyhow, do you think a lot of creators and authors are missing out on money due to blackhatters, and do you think these so-called blackhatters are a real threat to freelancers in general?

So yeah, definitely with how big the actual blackhat industry is, how many people there are in it, doing that stuff, then yeah definitely there are people missing out on because of that. But I wouldn't say they was a thread to the actual freelance industry so much as just be sheer numbers alone. A lot of them actually make up clients and buyers of those same freelance services too. Blackhatters - A Real Threat For Authors And Product Creators

Sorry for the essay lol


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Andre I have never had that happen to me, so I don't know what it feels like to have someone take my work and give it away for free or perhaps even sell my work themselves.

However piracy and blackhat behaviour like this has been around for a long time. It is up to each person to take responsibility for themselves (buyers, sellers and creators) and remember that we cannot control what other people do.

We can just hope that people that take part in things like this learn and come to do better. Just like Mike has shared his experiences with torrent.

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Lynne. At first it was devastating. I was devastated. I was angry, upset and very emotional in general. - However, upon the time I contacted this specific person, I was still angry and upset, so I probably said things I shouldn't have said.. But I guess he got the picture as he deleted the share.

That being said, when I realized he deleted it, I started to think about it differently. I mean, just judging by the introduction and sales copy, he stole my ebook and wanted others to be able to learn from that.. - So that's actually pretty cool. But it's still terrible as I could've earned more money.

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I have had people copy my blog posts which was kinda flattering and also highly annoying! The thing is that like I said we can't control that and I guess part of working online means you need to be prepared for these types of hits. Just like if you decided to open a supermarket you would need to be prepared for food spoiling, breakages and even shoplifting. It goes with the territory right?

But yes I can only imagine how upset you must have been.

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Blackhatters are the thieves of the internet marketplace. I once posted my script for sale on a marketplace (won't mention which one, and no it wasn't ionicware marketplaces) and someone had bought it, and then offered it on their nulled scripts blog for download, and then chargebacked the funds.. This is blatant theft, and it's very annoying. For someone to buy something from you, then post it on a website where many stolen things are available for download and then to basically get a refund from the purchase is cruel. Don't be cruel, and don't be a blackhatter. There will come a time, when you will post things on the internet and someone will steal it, offer it for free or paid download, and then you won't get any money.. how saddening is that? Please don't be an internet pirate, or blackhatter please!

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I crack browsers by using a bit of code that does a massive search and replace for any url's emended within the machine code (exe,dll,xml files) which works like a treat so long as the length of the Url is not changed and then release a clean version of browsers such as software-Iron, Firefox and Slimjet to the public and take it from me all these browsers are in bed with Google and the other agents of the NSA

Lot's of things White Hats do cannot be done to the letter of the law but few of us do it for money and if keeping free access to porn and bit-torrents open on the internet along with a right to freedom of speech put's me in the black-hat group then i will ware that badge with pride as will many others too.

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