Is there a way to STOP email spam?

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Is there a way to STOP email spam?

Is there a way to STOP email spam?

Hey guys,
I'm having a problem.. Well, it's not a big deal really, as most of these emails end up in the junk folder.. But I really want to get rid of them once and for all.

First of all, I'm talking about my hotmail account. (I know I know, I should use gmail or whatever). However, I've been using my hotmail account for years, and I would like to keep it, even though I have other email accounts too.

The thing is, that I can't seem to unsubscribe from newsletters properly. - Some of them says I have unsubscribed, but they keep sending me newsletters, and other ones I try to unsubscribe, just doesn't work.

So because of that, I get literally 30 to 50 emails per day, and most of them ends up in the junk folder, but I hate them. I want to get rid of them once and for all.. - Is there any trick for something like this?

Best Regards,


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Not really mate no lol. I'd like to say yes and offer you some one-time solution to it. But when it comes to email spam, there is no real one-time solution for it. You can unsubscribe from most of them. And if you do unsubscribe to them, and they continue to send you emails (even though you've unsubscribed) then they are breaking the law and you can actually sue them for that. It's also law that all marketing emails have an unsubscribe option in them. One thing you can do, is register with The Email Preference Service. Email marketers have to abide by that list and it works in the same ways as the TPS does (Telephone Preference System). If you're on that list and a company sends you spam/unsolicited (never asked for it) emails, you can actually sue them in a court of law for loss of earning and time.

One thing I do is to search my email inbox for "unsubscribe" then that will show you all the emails that have that word within them. Then from there on you can just go through them and manually click on the unsubscribe links. It's a bit of a pain to do that one-by-one, but it's just about the best way to actually deal with the amount you're getting. I used to get a lot of spam emails, and that used to work for me up to a point. Like, it stopped a lot of them but they did still keep coming. But it did minimize the amount that I was receiving. You also have to keep doing it like once or twice a year and eventually it will get rid of a lot of them. You may have to send an email to them though asking them to remove you from their list and tell them you're on the The Email Preference System and to email you again without your permission will be a breach of the law and that you'll take them to court if they carry on doing. Most firms will not want to bother with that so will just remove your email.

However, if your email address is "out there" on the Internet in many different places, blogs, forums etc etc. Then email harvesters will find them and collect them and continue to send you unsolicited spam emails from it. So the best thing to do here is go on a clean up. Search your email online using quotes like "" whatever and try to get them removed from all the places you find them.

Doing all these things together will minimize and reduce the amount of email spam you get. Is there a way to STOP email spam?

Hope this helps!


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Oh man.. Yeah, I didn't think it was some sort of "magic button" to click actually.. Even though I would have loved it. Doing this manually would truly suck but I guess that's the only option I got. The only option to get rid of these emails once and for all. - What I can't understand, is why I can't seem to unsubscribe from certain newsletters.

I've even often got a notification that I have been removed from their list but then after a day or two, I still get new emails from that very person or business. - It's lame, annoying and I truly hate it!

Sure, I guess most of these newsletters are from lists I signed up to a few years back, but still.. I guess the same rules and laws would have applied back then too? - Oh well, I guess I'll start 2017 by manually doing this.. I just can't start doing it now..

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Yeah it's a pain and is one of those things that you have to do manually to do it as there is no one click, push button solution to it. I guess you could hire someone to do it for you. To gain access to your email account and then to go through all the emails and unsubscribing from them. But that would take some serious trust because your email inbox can contain sensitive information that you might not want them to see. So even if you was to find someone with a good reputation, a trustable company or freelancer or something. There's still going to be that trust factor there that they are only doing what they are supposed to do and not going through your other emails. I have a lot of starred emails in my Gmail inbox that I've saved for future reference or for whatever reason and they can reveal what sort of things you're up to which can include plans for projects you're working on or want to work on, replies with other people that includes sensitive information, data and details and the like from plans to take over the world and I just wouldn't want anyone else to see that and get the wrong idea or steal my ideas and stuff from it.

There must be something out there that can help with this but I haven't come across it myself yet. I'll have to put the feelers out there for you and let you know if I come across something that looks like it could help.

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Yeah I think I asked a similar question once before. I get so much spam and so many scam emails. When i go and check my spam folder it is insane to see what is sitting in there. I unsubscribe to all the ones I can but there are loads that don't have an unsubscribe option and plenty more still that are just plain scams like congratulations I have won a competition LOL. I am not opening those, who knows what is in those emails right?

Wouldn't it be amazing to have some sort of software to add all these email addresses to or to somehow block all this spam from getting to my email address?

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When you discover spam in your inbox, don't simply erase it. Select it, and tell your mail customer that this specific message is spam. How you do this relies on upon your customer. For example, in case you're utilizing Gmail's site, tap the Report spam catch in the toolbar (the symbol resembles an outcry point inside a stop sign).
You likewise need to prepare the customer about your false positives. Once per day, experience your spam envelope searching for messages that don't have a place there. When you discover one, select it and tell the customer that it committed an error. In Gmail, you tap the Not spam catch.
On the off chance that your mail customer is mostly fair, it will gain from these oversights… yet just on the off chance that you prepare it.

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Yes, happens to me too and is so annoying. I've done everything, I click the unsubscribed bottom, I mark them as spam, I report those nasty mails, I even send private mails to certain companies complaining about it. Unfortunately sometimes it gets even worse, they ask me to come back, to check them out, and that is a nightmare. If someone knows an specific way to get rid of those I will be super thankful.

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It can be quite frustrating to be getting all these unsolicited emails in your inbox and spam sections of our mailbox. Sometimes that can get me feeling really scared about the safety of my email account and all that, but I think there is a way that most of the top email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo mail and the rest have made it that once you get those messages, you can block off receiving such messages in the future and that is the option that I have been using all these while.

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The best bet is not to leave your email address on any blog, forum or public domain because of email harvesters.

If you can trace where you dropped your email online then it pertinent you go delete them to avoid use by more mail harvester.

lastly,manually unsubscribe those email from the site it coming from.

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In the olden days when I was not busy in the office, what I usually do with email spam is to block their address. There is a function in Yahoo that you can block the address of a sender. I think it is part of the “filter” function. Once blocked, that particular sender cannot send you another email. It works and that is the reason why I was using that function before although I couldn’t do that now because I have lots of work.

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