My 16 hour work days.. In detail. - Scary but true

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My 16 hour work days.. In detail. - Scary but true

Just until recently, I thought I did everything I could.. I knew I was doing everything I could.. - But I was in fact wrong! Somehow.

My 16 hour work days.. In detail. - Scary but true

Work, work and work.. 16 hours a day.. - I know some of you would recognize yourself so far.

My reality, is that I don't actually spend 16 hours per day doing work.

Sure, I always knew that I had tons of "free time" so to speak, during my working hours, as I work from home, whenever I want to etc. etc. etc. - But in reality, I'm working way less hours than that.

How do I know, and why do I realize it?

First of all, I do spend tons of hours. That's a fact.

However, most of the time, I'm just sitting in front of my computer doing OTHER THINGS simultaneously. "During the time I work" so to speak.. And that's the thing. I'm wasting tons of time doing that!

If we break things down..

I spend about:

  • 1 hour in total, each day, talking with my clients. (Support or whatever it might be.)
  • 1-5 hours in total per day, doing work for my personal clients.
  • A few hours (anything between 1-8) writing CD's & replies for SC, doing research and finding new things to do..

And that's basically it. - So even if we take the highest numbers here, which would be: 1, 5 and 8, that's a total of 14 hours per day..

The truth is, that I'm spending way more time than that, almost 7 days per week.

However, the hours I mentioned above aren't accurate. Some days I won't spend more than 30 minutes of work for my clients and only 1 hour doing research etc.. But that's a pretty good estimation at least.

And how can I spend that time, and even "waste" 16+ hours per day? - Because I don't work from 0-100. I don't start at 08,00 am and work until 16,00 pm.

I do 15 minutes of work and spend the next 10 minutes doing literally nothing.. Then I'll work for 45 minutes and spend another 5 minutes going for a coffee or whatever.. - And that's the biggest "problem" I have.

I'm spreading out the work during my whole day, and I can't really reduce the time either.. Mostly due to the fact that I can't work without these breaks, even if I wanted too, as sometimes I can't find anything new while I'm doing research, I can't reply to a new topic on SC, I can't come up with a new topic for SC, I don't get 40 emails to respond to etc.. So these breaks are natural. At least in my business.

With all this being said..
Am I really in a position where I can complain about "working my ass off?".

What do you think?

Best Regards,


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Hey well look, you gotta do what you gotta do. To pay the bills and put food on the table. And to have some left over for entertainment purposes. Call it for paying for Sky TV or cable or for going to the cinema or out for a drink or a shindig with friends every now and then. And you need that! All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy as they say! And that's true, if you're working all the time, working, resting, working, resting, working. And not playing, not blowing off steam, or letting your hair down, whatever, that is going to have a negative emotional effect on you. Both emotionally, spiritually and mentally! So you need to have those breaks, you need to have that time off. To compose yourself, take stock, catch a breath and feel refreshed to go back to working again. Else you will burn out and wont even be able to work!

But you have to do whatever it is you have to do to make money. Whatever you're doing to make money is what you need to do. Whether it's working on orders on here, working on discussions or adding content to other sites and working for your outside clients and the like. It's just the way of the freelancer. Unless of course, you outsource everything you do but even then, you still have to get reports and package and deliver to your clients/buyers. So there will always still be some level of work needed on and from your behalf.

There's a saying I've heard of before that might help here. It goes....

When you're going through hell, keep going!

Sooner or later you'll come out the other side.

Hope you can find motivation from that! My 16 hour work days.. In detail. - Scary but true

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Mike you have made some epic points here, just working will lead to one thing and that is burnout. Plus when you only work you are really not that productive in the long term.

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That's it Lynne. Even God Himself took 2 days off after creating Heaven and Earth. He done so as an example to us and that's why we have the weekend! My 16 hour work days.. In detail. - Scary but true

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Good point, time off really is essential. It is important to enjoy life and not just let everything pass us by!

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I will want to believe that in as much as we nerd to pay bills and live a better life than our ancestors, we should do it with wisdom. Working every minuted through out the day is not the way out because sooner than we think we will be totally burnout leaving us so tired and wornout.
The better idea is to work but take little rest or break from time to time and give ourselves the needed break to re-energize for work that way the body is not working under stress but in relaxed state and it will be more productive.

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Yes I think you can actually. Most people, you know the people that are employed work 8 to 9 hours a day, not 14 -16!

And if you take those 8 to 9 hours how much time do they spend running around to get coffee, chatting to a boyfriend or girlfriend on the phone, drawing doodles in notepads or playing online games instead of working.

I would say that yes you do work your ass off.

Everyone needs to take a break and you will probably find that if you work for a while and take breaks you will be more productive in the long run.

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I relate with what you described here. Working from home is after all very flexible, and you can set your own break times. There is nothing wrong with that, and at the end of the day they are required. Besides, when I used to work in an office I often ended up talking with my colleagues, listening to the radio, making a phone call. So come to think of it I still took several breaks. Maybe at home we tend to be a bit more lenient. But as long as you get the work done there is nothing wrong with taking several breaks.

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It is amazing that you can be able to work for good 16 hours in a day. I would have thinking towards doing same, but since I have an offline job that sustains me as well. I am using my freelancing work to solve some other needs that my offline work won't solve for me.

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There was a time when I was working 12 hours in a day. By working 12 hours, I was earning $600-$700 in a month. Based on the foreign exchange rate in my home country, this was 25 percent more than a teller in a bank and 50 percent more than a teacher in a school. However, the work was very tiring. I began spending less time in my work schedule. These days I work around 10 hours. I work online and offline and try to multitask. For example, I work online when I am in my office.

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Working on the computer for more than 8 hours is tiring not only to the mind but also to the eyes, much more if you are working the whole day of your waking hours. I understand that you need the money though. That's why I am lucky to have a full time office job for now and that I can save so in the future, I wouldn't have to work for 16 hours. That work schedule can kill you.

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