4g dongles is what you want for SEO

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4g dongles is what you want for SEO

Many people here are using web-bots to spam servers with fake data and you are hitting a brick wall using VPN' like CyberGhost or an array of proxy servers because Google/Facebook and all the other NSA friends have lists of these relay servers you are using and they will lock account or just throw the data in the bin.

Cheap throw away dongle's get you a clean IP address to use and you can buy 2gb of data from EE for next to nothing but do be aware that just switching the sim card means that the device will still keep giving out the same MAC address unless you use a device that can spoof the MAC address.

I am anti spying, tracking, SEO but the reason i will help you guys is because the more fog you create then the less useful the data held by google/twitter/facebook becomes and twitter is getting to the stage where the only real members are all web-bots anyway and there main task is to run a protection racket that protects large corporations from any bad press


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Hmmm. Interesting topic @virusblock so what would be the reason you would want to actually use a 4G dongle to do your SEO on then? What kind of SEO re you talking about doing on it? Black hat SEO? Because if you only do white hat SEO as you should (there's really no need to do black hat SEO IMHO), then why would you want to cover your tracks for in the first place?

Also, with a 4G dongle, you only get so much bandwidth (data) with them. And SEO is an ever ongoing process and can involve using up lots of bandwidth on just doing research alone let alone actually doing the SEO. So you'd have to keep buying add-ons for it and getting extra data so you could use it when it ran out. Or, have to buy another dongle and so on and so on. And that could get quite expensive.

When it's much cheaper just to use the Internet broad band connection you already have at home or the office. Saying that, another thing you could do, is to go war driving and looking for Wifi networks that are free to use. I'm not talking about war driving to look for unsecured networks that you can hack into. But more for the purpose of piggy backing on a free Wifi network. I know this one guy who got cut off at his place as the Internet was handled by his landlord and his landlord never paid the bill or something so they disco'd him. He needed to do some work though so basically jumped in his car driving down the road until he could pick up a free Wifi network to use.

These days you can just go into any good pub/restaurant and they provide free Wifi. Even Mcdonalds do and you can stay there all day pretty much just using it and eating quarter pounders and strawberry milkshake! 4g dongles is what you want for SEO

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LOL Mike trust you to know all the interesting and fun things.

Yes I was also a little confused by this post but hey what do I know about VPN's , web-bots and IP's? I'm just a blogger that uses wi-fi.

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Well i see most SEO work as being, well lets say dark shades of gray and my public proxy server is crawling with web-bots referer spamming, fake clicking and posting and i also see services here that seem to be down that path too so forgive me if i got the wrong impression.

White-hat's too sometimes need access to email services to bring scammers down, we work in the dark quite often, not seeking fame or fortune but i am still waiting for the ten email address i brought here to arrive not that i am upset over $2.00

The days of picking up unsecured wifi-connections close to home are long gone and google/fakebook/twitter all know the IP-addresses of proxy servers so the game is getting harder to play but people like me are not about to give out our names and addresses when we take someone down and thats were our paths cross.

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