Overhyped products/services - What seems to be the real reason behind them?

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Overhyped products/services - What seems to be the real reason behind them?

Overhyped products/services - What seems to be the real reason behind them?

We all know it.. We've all seen them and most of us, have probably bought a few of these too.. - I'm talking about the overhyped products or services.

If you write "Overhype" on google, this is the text that you'll see.


past tense: overhyped; past participle: overhypedmake exaggerated claims about (a product, idea, or event); publicize or promote excessively.

"the film was overhyped by the press"

So.. What I want to ask you is.. - WHY do we buy these overhyped products and services to begin with?!

Is it due to the fact that we actually believe we will benefit from them.. Or is it because we're naive and hopeful? - Is it because we all want results? - Or, is it due to all positive reviews and feedbacks from other people?

Take a look at the WSO section for instance, on warriorforum. Most of the $7-$47 products are literally a pile of crap. Sure, I do understand that some of them are in fact super and awesome etc. But I'm talking about MOST of the products being offered there. - And why do we fall for it, one time after another?

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I think they play on what people truly want to achieve. We all want to make loads of money and we all want to do it with as little effort as possible.

Most of these products all claim the same basic thing. Here is run down of the typical thing that all these products claim:

  • You will make loads of money
  • You will make this money fast
  • You will hardly have to do anything
  • It is easy to make money
  • You will make the money on autopilot
  • It is residual income, so basically you are set for life
  • You don't have to know anything, since this gives you the blueprint and does it all for you

Yeah and that is a run down of all the points that they hype up, when I see any one of these points I just move on because it is just BS isn't it?

But anyway all of those points plays on our emotions, we want it to be real don't we?

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Oh yeah over hyping is the scourge of the Internet! Ever since people have been advertising anything online, they have been over hyping the hell out of it! Out of their products and services. And no company it would seem, is immune to doing it too! You have small cats doing it, such as those that pipe and sell those WSO's and other such similar IM services, methods and things. And you have big brand names doing it too! Even some of the biggest most well known Internet successes do this and it really surprises me because they have a lot of reputation to go on to help them swing a sale but they still seem to do it in their offers and stuff that they spout and promote.

I wouldn't say I fell for it though. I don't fall for those things. Mainly because I'm not that desperate to try them and I've heard so much about them how they are over hyped and also, how most of them are just rehashes of older things people have sold before. So someone will buy it, then repackage it in a different way. Probably even change it so it's not the same product. Similar, but not the same. And then come up with another long winding squeeze page or promotional campaign that over hypes the living lights out of it.

This really annoys me actually how people do that. For once I would like to see something like that, such a WF WSO, that doesn't over hype itself. And just says normal things and is honest and upfront and transparent and says hey look, you might not actually make any money from this. It might not even work for you. It might be really hard to make anything from it at all. That kind of thing.

I'd be more inclined to purchase it just to see for myself that way. If you ever come across a WF WSO like this, it will either be my WSO or let me know about it! I'll buy the guy a beer! Overhyped products/services - What seems to be the real reason behind them?

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Or how about...if you work your ass off this works! LOL

That will be a first right?

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If you have noticed that there are so many nonsense things that are spread in Facebook, it is because the hype was effective. Creative advertising agencies create a hype for their client’s product by means of tapping their connections in social media. When the hype succeeds, people buy the product not because of its quality but simply because of the hype. I guess creating a hype is one marketing trick that we should learn so that we can have success in selling a product or service.

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