Your own blog - Focus on ONE subject alone (one niche) or share things about several subjects?

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Your own blog - Focus on ONE subject alone (one niche) or share things about several subjects?

Hey bloggers & freelancers!

As you should know by now, I'll start my own blog in the nearest future, but as I am the way I am, I'm always trying to figure things out before I start something. - And I do this because I'm a real thinker. I try to foresee things before they happen, as much as I can, just do make sure I'll have a plan no matter what happens.

(And yeah, I know. It's not the perfect way of doing things.. But that's just how I do things most of the times.)

That being said, I'll probably go with a freelancing blog. That means, I'll focus on freelancing things in general. I'll share my own tips, tricks and things I've done, but I'll also share other freelancing things.. So it functions like a "knowledge base" sort of.

However, what I wonder is, would I be able to share something totally different too, without it being weird? - I don't know what it could be, but say something from my vacation or whatever. (I'm not one of those people, but let's say I am).

Would that work, or should you go with only one thing, and then get another blog for other things if you decide to share other things too?

Best Regards,


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You know Andre your blog is really whatever you decide you want to make it. So here I think you can really make it as broad or as narrow as you like.

I think that adding a personal story into your blog is fine every now and then if you are blogging about freelancing. But then you would have to keep your blogs and tips written in such as way as it comes across as very personal and from you.

I don't think writing your blog in a very professional way and then adding a very personal story kinda fits. I would go for relaxed, very much personal and then you can do more with it.

But that said I don't think you can do anything with it. I know some people blog about whatever comes into their head but I do think keeping it tied into your life and your freelancing experience is just fine. There would be topics though that just wouldn't fit in my opinion....

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Yeah of course! A blog is more than just a website with a bunch of posts on it in reverse chronological order (latest blog posts showing first). There are many many different types of blogs. From personal blogs to corporate business blogs. To affiliate blogs and informational blogs and everything in between. But blogs, whether they are personal or business blogs, need to have some kind of personality to them. That's what makes a blog a successful blog. And people expect that and expect to find that when reading your blog posts. That is has some personality to it! That's what makes people subscribe to it knowing that there is a real person behind it, punching away at the keyboard and creating blog posts that people in that niche (whichever niche your blog is in) look for and relate to and find helpful and useful to them in some way.

So while your freelance blog will have lots of posts on it about freelancing, be it freelancing tips and tricks, from an experienced mind. It should also have that "personal touch" to it as well. That means every now and then, instead of just adding informational blog posts, you should add the occasional blog post about your life too. After all, people are subscribing not only to your blog, but to you as well, as a person. And people really appreciate that as well instead of just reading blog posts that tell them something, then ask them to do something!

So if you just bought a new puppy, or a new car. Or just changed your curtains. You could blog about that on your blog and it would be perfectly fine and acceptable and a "break from the norm" for your blogs readers. You wouldn't have to make them super long posts. But just something that's different to what you usually post and showing your real, personable, human side to that blog too. Your own blog - Focus on ONE subject alone (one niche) or share things about several subjects?

The trick is to create a blog that you can brand. Either as a business or as a personal blog. A blog that can be branded with a business touch, but a blog that also has a real, personal side to it as well. Since your readers will be real people, it gives them something to relate to and shows that you're not just blogging just to try and get people to subscribe to you just so you can send them email offers etc etc.

So yeah, absolutely, you can sometimes blog about other things that aren't necessarily related to freelancing.

Should your blog be a freelance blog anyway. Your own blog - Focus on ONE subject alone (one niche) or share things about several subjects?

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Yes I love this advice from Mike. I have found that my readers love hearing my personal stuff, even on my online marketing blog.

People love connecting with others and knowing, like Mike said, that there is a real person doing real things behind the blog.

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Like you, I also have solid plans of starting my own blog. I was influenced when I was co-writing for a blogger. Not really for the earnings but more for the joy of sharing what I can write. And since my passion is my dogs, it is the ONE subject that will be the focus of my blog. I don’t think I have the capability to blog about several subjects because I don’t consider myself a professional writer.

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