What is the most profitable niche? Lets vote!

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What is the most profitable niche? Lets vote!

If you had to take a guess what niche would you say would be the most profitable?

I'm sure that there are loads of very profitable and high earning niches but I the one that always stands out for me is an adult website.

I would never start one though because well its not my thing for starters, but also I don't think my mommy blog fans would be too chuffed if they found out.

But I do think anything related to sex is probably the most searched for thing online!

Check out the Google trends for Sex vs Money vs Techology. Yeah I know its broad but you get the idea.

What is the most profitable niche? Lets vote!


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Yes, Sexually related sites are indeed very much searched for and so it is indeed the most profitable niche. Money follows suit especially since there are many who try to look up ways to make money online.

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Sex has always been a pretty big niche in terms of profitability. Have you ever heard of the phrase "Sex Sells"? lol

Sex is a super profitable niche because it doesn't just target a specific person, religion, race, etc. It not only targets everyone, but it targets a basic primal urge which is reproduction. People are hard wired to fornicate and that's one of the main reasons porn websites do so well. Now there are a load of smaller porn type websites that don't do well because they're ran by people who just want to strike it rich and have absolutely no clue what they're doing lol. But the ones that are hitting it big are making probably a million a day. Yeah, that's $1,000,000 a day lol What is the most profitable niche? Lets vote!

The sex niche is extremely profitable for another reason, and that is because people don't have language barriers. Again, it plays on the urges of the people and not a specific type of person. Someone could be watching a video in Japanese but not speak a single word of it and still enjoy every second. There aren't many niches like this out there, actually I can't think of any off of the top of my head. The closest niche would probably be animal videos because animals obviously don't talk but everyone loves watching them lol What is the most profitable niche? Lets vote! I can spend hours each day watching funny animal videos, and I'm sure there are people out there that watch hours a day of porno videos. It transcends barriers and targets an enormous group of people, mostly men lol.

I actually bought a domain for a pretty penny and linked it up with a popular streaming website. I still have it up and running, but I haven't done much with it over the years because I haven't had time. I should probably log into my dashboard and see if I made any kind of commissions from people signing up and paying money for items or viewing time on there.

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You've made a really good point about the language barrier not being a problem with the sex industry, nobody really cares what the people are saying anyway right?

Yes funny animal videos would be popular I'm sure. I never thought of that when I did my little comparison of sex vs money vs technology.

I thought those 3 would have been the biggest by far. Now I am going to have to go and look up animal videos What is the most profitable niche? Lets vote!

I would much rather get into that than the sex industry niches though.

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I have to say that im really surprised about this one for sure. I knew that sex sells and that it was a big industry but without technology you don't have an internet full of sex lol. I really thought that tech would be the most popular niche considering we use tech everyday. I guess its one of those things that people take for granted and they don't realize how tech has changed peoples lives over the last 10 years. This is an interesting post and i appreciate the facts. I would never get involved in the sex industry for me its just disgusting. I don't respect the people who film these videos or put someone daughter on video for the world to see. I understand why its more popular but i think the tech category will pass sex in 2017 i dont know though we will see.

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I wasn't surprised that sex is the top,but I was surprised by how far in the top it is. From what I can see no search term tops sex!

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Hey let's face it, it's well known that the porn industry is the reason the Internet exploded as fast as it did! It was pron that powered VHS and made it so successful. And it's pron that's made the Internet so successful as well. As sleazy as it is to say it, that's the truth!

I would never ever get into that industry, it's just that whole sex trafficking thing that goes with it. Everything that it's attached to. Plus I'm a Christian and it goes against everything I believe to be good and noble. Plus we've all seen the TV programs on the pron industry how some pron stars go on to become massively depressed an end up taking their life and killing their self because they can't come to terms with what they've done. At first it might have seemed appealing making money in that way, but later on comes your morals, as you get older, your morals kick in more than they did when you was a delinquent. You have a better sense of what's right from wrong.

What I find wrong is how they slap an "adult" sticker on it as though it makes it okay so long as you're an adult. But most people that use it aren't adults. They're horny teenagers with raging hormones. Couple that with the "instant gratification" generation we have today and you have a recipe for disaster.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing. In the right context, it can help some people, but like most things in life, it can be used for good and for bad. And there's those people that are making $1,000,000 a day making more and more depraved pron videos just to line their own pockets and that's not right.

One of the most profitable niches are those which have the highest search volumes. Sex is one of them, but there's also a lot more niches out there than this. Sport is another which gets a lot of searches and you can target a lot of people with it. Health and wealth is another. Basically, it's any niche that has the most people searching for it.

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You know Mike I am not a fuddy duddy but I do not agree with porn. I have seen how people become addicted to porn and have a sex addiction because of it.
It wrecks people's lives and relationships. It creates unrealistic expectations of sex and relationships.

It is truly damaging. Yes I'm sure there are some married couples that watch a bit of porn to add some spice to their sex life and I see nothing wrong with that I guess. However I do think that is the minority of cases.

I agree with you, I think teenagers watching porn can be a huge problem. They are not even ready for sex themselves and there they are getting a completely unrealistic view of sex.

Anyway, sex sells but I aint touching that industry.

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I think it's relationship niche. I mean it is hard to stop people from loving and providing ways that can be done with ease can make one lots of money in the future.

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I agree on sex sites but that was before. There was a listing of most visited sites some years ago and sex sites emerged as number 1 followed by sports and gambling particularly the online casino games. But now I think the most visited sites are the gaming sites especially those that provide interactive playing where you can play with anyone who is logged on in the gaming website. The youngsters in particular are crazy over computer games.

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