The Top 10 Highest Paying YouTube Niches Are... Debate

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The Top 10 Highest Paying YouTube Niches Are...

I just came across this Top 10 niches for YouTube videos and after looking at the list provided. And with nothing said about it other than it being the top 10 niches for YouTube videos that you may earn a lot from. I'm looking at it myself and thinking hmmmm!!!

According to the OP the top 10 niches for YouTube to earn a lot with are;

  • 1. Lifehacks
  • 2. Celeb gossip
  • 3. News
  • 4. Top X lists
  • 5. Fail compilations
  • 6. Food reviews, kitchen hacks
  • 7. Product unwrapping/opening
  • 8. How to videos
  • 9. Animal fun
  • 10. Spoofs

Now I'm not a top YouTube earner, more of a heavier user though. But the YouTube I know is much more than that. What about the health and beauty niche? Weight loss, mind and body stuff. What about games review and gameplay videos? They're massive niches and have multiple ways in which you can earn from it. Sponsors etc not just YouTube earnings. So I don't think that's completely right and very accurate do you?

And how can News be in at 3rd? I guess simply due to the sheer amount of people who watch latest news videos. And celeb stuff is always up there with entertainment like games, movies and music. But none of those are on his list lol

Still though, he does include funny animal videos and spoof stuff, pranks and funny fails and that in the list but with fail compilations in at 5 and spoofs at 10 what's that about?

So yeah, this guys list is not accurate. But it does give you some food for thought I'll give him that. As a way of seeing what someone else's interpretation might be.

If his list is right. I'm glad to see life hacks at the top. It just goes to show how popular that life hacks are! And regarding life hacks. There is already a life hack category on Listing Dock now. I think we should have life hacks category on SEOClerks too right!?

There is already the Tips and Tricks category but they're not the same, not really. That's fine and should stay but it's not a life hacks category! The Top 10 Highest Paying YouTube Niches Are...

Anyway, I probably need to do a bit more digging and do some research into this a bit more and find out what the actual highest paying YouTube niches are. And how you would even know and tell. I can only assume that it's by the demand for it. Ie; the more demand there is, the more views they get, the more money they earn. As opposed to it being based on what the average CPC is.

How can you know these are the top 10 paying niches?

Would you have to try them all out extensively to find out?

What's to say that some niches pay more than others?

What are they going by exactly to know?

By the CPC paid from the ads?


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Well, I could possibly agree on the list, if these 10 things are in no particular order, but it seems highly unlikely that gaming videos aren't up at the top. Most of my friends are watching gaming related videos from streamers on Twitch for instance. Whenever these streamers are uploading a new video on Youtube, they go crazy about it and watch it within seconds. - Sure, my friends could be odd or weird, but I know for a fact that gaming videos ARE extremely popular, so it's weird to see a list within gaming related content included.

And news..? - Seriously? - I don't know about you, but I don't usually watch news on Youtube. Sure, I can watch a video or two, if there's something special, but I'd never sit there and watch news all day long.

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Oh yeah where's the gaming? Andre is so right about that. I honestly thought that was huge. I'm not a gamer at all or a watcher of those videos, but still I've heard it was massive. Aren't some of the highest paid Youtubers gamers?

I haven't watched the news as such on Youtube but when I have read about something that is happening I have often gone and checked Youtube for it so I can understand that one.

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THE highest paid YouTuber is pewdiepie. (I think he still is the highest paid youtuber at least) And yeah, he's a Gamer. Recording himself screaming and playing games basically. Not my "cup of tea" at all actually. I don't like him. But he's making millions.

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Yeah I find it strange that weight loss and health are not right up at the top. I also agree with you,I thought gaming was really hot on Youtube?

Now I'm starting to wonder where exactly you found this list!

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I agree with with. I watch life hacks even though I don't copy these examples (I watch just for fun). I don't watch celeb gossip or news much, but I watch how to videos, food, movie, and music. I am thinking to start a youtube channel and I am looking for a niche. I want a niche that has market yet is it not too saturated. I also want a niche where I don't have to talk. I have stilted English.

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In one casual conversation, the topic of a food website was brought up. My husband and my sister’s husband are both masters of the kitchen so I agreed that they can put up such a website that will be filled with original recipes. Now I am realizing that there is sense in that topic because food is #6 in the list of the highest paid niches for Youtube. That goes to show that there is a big audience for the food niche and I think cooking will rate a little higher because many cooks at home are always in search for new dishes to cook.

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