Why I like to buy expensive SEO services!

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Why I like to buy expensive SEO services!

I've noticed that there have been a lot of discussions around the price of services and what members will and won't buy. The latest discussion was by Andre titled Low Priced Services VS Expensive ones.

I have added my say into that discussion already so I won't go into that again but I just wanted to add a new angle into this.

I place a huge amount of value on my website and if I get a page one ranking due to SEO services I have purchased that is very important to me and highly prized.

Our of respect to the seller that helps me to achieve this I believe I should be paying what the service is worth to me. I am not a taker and I don't want to just squeeze other people to get as much as I can out of them for as little as possible.

When I receive something of value I like to give value back on the form of payment. This is only right!

And while we are on that topic of giving back value, this is not just about money. It is about showing appreciation and consideration for the seller by firstly marking the service as completed as soon as possible after a service is completed.

If you choose a really good seller that provides a great service chances are they won't give you a late delivery, so don't make that seller sit and wait an extra 5 days to be paid.

Then secondly give a good review and a recommendation if you are happy with the job. This will show the seller that you appreciated the service received, it will give them much needed feedback and it will help them with their business.

You will also be doing a service for every single person in this marketplace by leaving reviews and recommendations where due. I use these to make decisions when I buy a service, so I want to know when other people are happy with their purchases!

So I truly believe people should not have to work for peanuts when they are doing a good job. It is just not right or fair.

It is up to buyers too to step up their game on this website by being high quality buyers.


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I'm a 100% buyer here on SeoClerks because I can't compete with a lot of the pricing here. It doesn't matter if I can work with large corporations and get them top rankings for competitive keywords. When someone sees my lowest pricing at $550 per month they tend to run the other way. This is only the case when I'm compared to a freelancer offering a $5.00 service that "guarantees" top rankings lol.

I do agree with you that people need to give their feedback quickly because it's just putting a quality service sellers funds in limbo for 5 days. It's a good thing that the funds get released after 5 days if the work isn't rejected. I say that because I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who make a purchase and then forget to log in for a while. If there wasn't an auto acceptance then the funds would be in limbo indefinitely, and no seller wants that Why I like to buy expensive SEO services!

I've definitely been at fault in the past when one of my orders finish and I don't get to it quickly in order to leave a positive review or request a revision. Usually when I make a purchase I will be pretty diligent when leaving reviews. I'll typically write up a few sentences and let users know if the seller had a good response time, if there was any kind of language barrier, how well the work was done and if it was done on time (or quicker than expected). One bad review can hurt a seller a ton, but not leaving your positive reviews can hurt them just as bad because you're not helping them out after they did exceptional work for you.

I understand that some people forget to leave a review, and that's fine, but for the people who just don't want to leave a positive review because deep down they don't want others to succeed... those people are what's wrong with the internet. Because they don't want to leave a positive review, a seller could get a negative review and it has much more of an impact than it would have if the stubborn person just left a positive one to battle the negative.

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Razzy yeah I know it, it appears that loads of people forget to mark orders as completed and also to leave a review but that is part of my point. If you got bad service I can guarantee you won't forget to leave a review which is why it can be so hard for some sellers to maybe keep a positive rating.

That is part of the reason for this post, I think a lot of people underestimate the importance of leaving positive reviews where they are due!

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You are well advised to pay for a good service because the script kiddies will screw up your rating with google by using web-bots that send the wrong urls to google analytics or by going too fast without switching between proxy servers or VPN's and if my proxy server code can spot the fakes then you can bet that google is ten steps ahead of me and such traffic will only damage your sites.

Script kids can soon write a bit of code to send emails but they all get blocked because they only hack the simple hot-mail type of accounts from what i have seen and should be going after gmail or accounts instead or most of the emails will end up in the bin

Before spamming the world call a web-service using HTTPS and not HTTP because it's so easy for people like me to write code that checks for our servers public IP-Address in any plain text results and to then replace the text or to remove the details to make the proxy server look like it is anonymous when it's not and it's not hard to detect what addresses are being used by add-servers and to then pass the "X-proxy-for" and HTTP "Via" on to them if they are not in on the act.

You get what you pay for and some of the web-bots you are using will do more harm than good but for the record you might like to know that i don't write bots for spamming, hate this SEO witchcraft junk and am more into privacy than trying to make a quick buck

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I'm with you on this Lynne. I'd rather pay a higher price for literally anything I buy, because it tends to be a better option for me. Not always but most of the times, I'll deal with a serious freelancer. A freelancer that does exactly what he claims to do, with outstanding communication and good delivery times etc.. - That's worth a lot to me, so I don't mind paying them "extra" compared to other "lowballers".

I can totally see why people go with lowballers though, and I did that too in the past, as it's a huge money saver.. Especially long term. - But I just can't allow myself to work with people that I don't get that "serious feeling" from. I need to know that the person I'm dealing with takes his business seriously. My business is important to me, and their business needs to be important for them.. And as long as I feel that our businesses are serious and important to ourselves.. My business will also be important to them. Just like their business is important to me.

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Andre that is also a very important point.

There have been lots of complaints from some sellers too that say that other sellers come in and just cut prices, forcing them too to also drop their prices. So it seems this price war is really causing serious damage for lots of people.

I totally understand too why some buyers go for the cheapest services... but when buyers start paying fair prices and gain a deeper understanding of they should be doing this I believe everything will be much better for everyone.

Imagine if all buyers just bought based on price? There would be so many freelancers out of work.

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Website SEO optimization is costly - how about we simply set up that now and get it off the beaten path. A fast Google look for "website SEO companies" will turn up results going from offices that have a base month to month engagement expense of $5,000 to unreliable operations offering SEO at the absurdly minimal effort of two or three hundred dollars a month.
Why the enormous inconsistency in estimating? Everything comes down to the quality and adequacy of what is being advertised. Web optimization is so content driven nowadays that immaculate rationale clarifies why SEO administrations estimated at only a few hundred dollars a month (and costing not as much as what one single bit of value substance costs) can't conceivable be useful for your site.
There are three various types of SEO providers:
The accomplished SEO organization. These organizations have a honest to goodness enthusiasm for the brands they work with. They are hoping to assemble a long haul business relationship and convey an arrival on speculation. Heaps of scientific information, change following and quantifiable outcomes ought normal when working with one of these suppliers. It is great sign when your SEO office needs to win similarly as awful as you do.
The SEO organization that doesn't know any better. There are a ton of SEO organizations that outsource all that they do. Since they aren't really playing out the work they have zero control of the crusade and are helpless before the suppliers, who aren't continually conveying the most astounding quality work. While they don't intend to convey beginner SEO, that is precisely what they do.
The SEO supplier simply hoping to gather cash. These are the SEO organizations that will let you know anything you need to listen. Need to rank number one on Google for the watchword "Google" inside 72 hours? Not an issue! Hell, in the event that you pay now (by Western Union ideally) you even get a free reward - a unicorn and enchantment leprechaun.

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Low fees service does not mean the service is of low quality. A newbie will always ask for low fees. A seller who is intending to improve his rating and reviews will also ask for low payment.
High priced service might be good, however, high-priced services are not always good. Many people tend to think that expensive services are better and cheap services are poorer, which is not true. I have a lot of experience as a writer, therefore, I ask for high writing fees. However, I am relatively inexperienced SEO expert therefore, I will do seo for a little price.

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In the culture of business in our country, there is a saying about patronizing your own. When a store opens in your community, buy from that store instead of the one what is located in the other community. Even in online sites, I am applying that adage that we should patronize our own. You are a member of this form which means you belong to this site.

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