History repeats itself Great for investors.

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History repeats itself Great for investors.

We have finally broken the year high many people thought it was not going to happen but as always Bitcoin proves all of the negativity aside and breaks 780. Previously we saw 760 which was back in June of this year. This shows that after the halving Bitcoin still continued to grow. Bitcoin is doing exactly what it did in 2013 as far as price increase. We saw a slight drop and then a slow increase for about 10 months and then a SPIKE. If you take a look at history you will find that what im saying is accurate.

The halving was successful and we saw a drop from 770 to 568 after it happened and now we are seeing the slow increase again. Between India coming along with BTC in a big way and many other things its really starting to come together in a positive way for BTC. I think we will end the year and month strong into the 800 dollar range which is amazing for a 12 month gain. When i say history repeats itself im 100% honest and this is great for investors. People can easily predict the Bitcoin market based on news and history.

I would say Buy Bitcoin as soon as possible before it reaches 1000 a coin.

Remember when reading my topics about trading i only give you advice based on research and market analysis. Please only use this as a guide and do not hold me responsible for any losses. Keep trading and if you have any questions leave them below.

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Wow Razzy so Bitcoin is rising again! I can't wait to see what it brings in 2017History repeats itself Great for investors.

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Bitcoin is on the rise an has been trading over 760 for about 8 days now. That tells me that in the next few weeks we could see a rally past 800. 2017 will bring a huge spike into the 5000 range and at the end of 2017 we will see Bitcoin trading steady over 2000 dollars.

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So, you think it's time to invest right now, if you haven't done it already jkeyz2?

I mean.. BTC is rather expensive right now, and if I would invest in BTC and something happened, then I'd end up losing my money.. And that's a lot of money if you're serious about investing in BTC.

I would love to get into BTC and hold some BTC for the future, but it feels like a super large investment right now due to the value of it.. I don't want to risk that much money.

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I have been reading a lot these days about Bitcoin and I know that its value had a slump but had recovered somehow. My mind is still full of questions about Bitcoins particularly its central banking system. Who or what organization is in control? From what I understand, Bitcoin is a pseudo currency which has a value that is based only on the hype and media releases. In other words, the popular it becomes, the higher the value. What if its popularity suddenly vanishes?

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I check the price of Bitcoin almost every day. Not because I want to. But because I use a free faucet and every day it shows the price of 1 Bitcoin in US dollars. It's around $6K now. I'm glad there are other cryptocurrencies as well. I am learning and earning, slowly but surely. If it's a bubble, by the time the bubble burst I hope to have made a little bit of money for my efforts. LOL.

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