If you're looking for "great" affiliates. - Where do you look?

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If you're looking for "great" affiliates. - Where do you look?

Hey guys,
Affiliates. Most of us would love to have them, but most of us won't even bother to look for them.. - So it's more or less a dead end.

I've been talking with multiple people about this and most of them (most of us) are telling each other the same things..

Join some JV groups. Contact awesome sellers directly with a propostion etc.. - But is there another way?

I mean, I would love to get a top seller on Amazon for instance, to be an affiliate of mine. - That would literally blow up my sales.

And I would sit there and waving to you guys from a beach in Tahiti or something..

But how would I be able to do it?

I could spend my time sending these people private messages or emails.. But something tells me that "everyone" is doing that, so my chances would be slim to none..

So do you know how one could increase the chances?

Best Regards,


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Well you could start your own blog and share loads of great tips and tricks for SEO and online marketing so you get the right people on your website, the ones that want to rank. Then you send them all here with your affiliate link.

That's how I got most of mine.

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Thank you Lynne, I appreciate it. (Even though you're still nagging on me regarding a blog..) If you

I would obviously use my blog to advertise my SEOClerks affiliate link, and I would probably also use my blog to promote my own services and other products too.. But I don't have a blog, right now, so I'm looking for alternative routes.

I mean, I do know a few ways of getting them, but I'm truly interested in hearing people's suggestions regarding these "super affiliates" so to speak. I would love to get one of the top sellers from Clickbank for instance. That would be super!!

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Oh sorry, I am not a "super affiliate" for any of the affiliate programs I am part of. I would love to be though and one day I will be, I will be able to come here and share some really cool things in the future.

I am getting some affiliates through my Youtube video. Why not do an animated youtube video and put your affiliate link in the description?

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I noticed for instance, most ionicware affiliates (seoclerks, codeclerks, listingdock, etc) use SEO and marketing forums to gain affiliates. Some have their own blogs dedicated to SEO and can pull in quite a few affiliates. I haven't really spread my affiliate link for the ionicware marketplaces in a long time due to the fact that I'm just too busy as it is now. But if I were to get back into marketing to gain affiliates, I would probably keep posting on SEO, and marketing forums. This is a sure way to gain affiliates. Another method I use is to build a shop of sorts via an API, like you can with Amazon's API or Ionicware's API. This is a great method if you can advertise, and market your own websites.

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Thank you Everett. I know that most people are using forums and social media to get affiliates, and I've been doing that too. That's how I got my 1100 affiliates so far. More or less at least.

I also have something pretty neat ongoing, and hopefully this will be ready before the end of this year. Well, I hope it will be ready before the end of the year at least.. But these last few weeks will decide the fate of that.

That being said, I'm not really looking for "a way" to gain affiliates. I'm more interested in how to gain those "super affiliates". I do know a few "tricks" so to speak, but it feels like most people are using those, so my chances would probably be slim to none.

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What you are looking for is related to intelligence services' work, to the way they are manipulating their targets. Before starting on that way,you should realize NOW that you're a single person with very limited (financial, human, time, etc) resources and you'll never get the same benefits like an intelligence service (private or official), where the resources are huge in almost everything.

I repeat: just try to imagine a piucture, then put there your work capabilities and near add the huge work capabilities of an intelligence service.

Now, let's talk a little about strategy.
1) You need to build a profile of your targeted people (like amazon sellers and/or anythig related);

2) You have to get informations about people that match your profile;

3) I suppose that a single person can try to successfully handle maximum 10 people in a year to get them affiliates here, so you have to try different ways to catch them. For example you can try to build a database with 1000 persons (from similar industries) who match your profile, then to get in touch with 100 people (usually online, direct or indirect: like advertising, social media, their communities, etc). Then from 100 contacts you can try to hope to get the 10 affiliates.

4) How you contact them? Like a shadow.Everything for your targets have to be seen as natural as possible, even if you come in contact with them direct or indirect.

The direct way!
It's the most efficient, but also the most risky if your intentions are discovered. An example: after you get the info about the online presence of your target, then you join one or two online communities of your target (forums, channels, etc) and start to engage in discussions with people around of your target (but never with the target). You have to wait your target to engage (usually via replay) first with you (so it will be his/her "free"If you choice). Never attack the values (even these are wrong) of your target, and never go too close in conversation with it. Your purpose is to get the "natural" 8-)intertest of your target to check your profile (from the community) and to find out a link that can transform him/her in your affiliate. Of course, it take weeks, or even months to get your target as an affiliate. If your target can satisfy needs from you, then it's better, but be carefull.

Don't rush and try to not do stupid mistakes, like joining 3 or more communities where your target is a member. He/she will understand that you're spying his/her life. Also, don't join 2 communities in the same time (day/week).

Of course, there are another direct ways to engage with your target.

The indirect way!
The most common and easy is via highly targeted advertising. For example via Facebook. After months, your targets, after being over saturated by seeing your ads, theyr will try to find more info via the ad link (the destination link of your ad must send the targets to a very professional landing page or website that uses professional call to action messages to get them as affiliates).

Don't do the stupid mistake to directly engage with your targets, because they will understand that you're using private data about their online behavior...


What you read above are just a few simple examples. You can build complex strategies based on the human behavior, but remember that you're a single person with very limited resources. It's very difficult and time consuming to target people "naturaly"8-).

Almost always you have to act from shadow, and to better understand what is the subtle nature of this activity, I recommend you to watch (and focus only on how "ideas" are born) to the next movie:

Watch it again, if you already saw it.

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