Do you need to be a SEO expert to provide "clean up" SEO services?

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Do you need to be a SEO expert to provide "clean up" SEO services?

Backlinks, PageRank, Google this and Alexa that. - All that matters, is the SEO.

However, I've recently published a new topic about cheap seo services versus expensive ones. (You can find it here).

And when I wrote that question, I also thought about this from another perspective..

You need to be a SEO expert to provide SEO related services, (as long as you're not a reseller), but, why do people focus on backlinks and all that, instead of cleaning up the mess they already have?

I mean, from my understanding, it's easy to rank if you're doing this properly from the beginning.. But with all these "spam" and "worthless" backlinks people are providing, sites will actually not benefit at all.. In fact, these things will do the opposite.

It will hurt their websites.

So, how about a "clean up" your SEO service? - A service were you literally just delete "bad" or "poor" backlinks.

Wouldn't that be insanely lucrative? - And is something like that possible? - And would you need to be a SEO expert to "delete" backlinks like that?

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Andre I don't think you can just delete backlinks like that, there was a very recent discussion I think by Abid about using the Google disavow tool. So you could offer to evaluate all their links and disavow the low quality, spammy ones for them .

You could also follow the processes that Mike highlighted in that discussion to get those links removed.

I believe this could most certainly be a great service to offer, however like Mike said often it is easier to add lots of great quality backlinks to cancel out the damage than take the time and effort to try and get bad links removed.

But still however you go about it, I am sure a clean up service would be awesome.

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Thank you very much for your reply Lynne, I appreciate it. And for anyone who's looking for Abid's topic that Lynne mentioned, you can find it here: How and why to disavow backlinks?

And sure, I can see why you can't just delete backlinks like you delete a photo from your computer or as you delete a status on Facebook etc. - But if you used Google's Disavow Tool to do this, and offered that as a service for clients who's looking to improve their rankings and their website.. - It should be an amazing service to offer, don't you think?

I mean, sure, I can see the point Mike has too, when he mentioned the thing about adding more quality backlinks instead of cancel (delete) poor backlinks.. But I still can't help to believe that you'll benefit more by deleting poor backlinks in the long run.. - It sounds pretty logical to me but I'm nothing near an expert in this field so I could definitely be at fault here.

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I didn’t know that deleting bad links is a big job that you have to hire an SEO expert. But maybe if that is the only work that you will give to a hired hand then probably you can just hire a virtual assistant who can easily learn the task of deleting bad backlinks. Now this question of mine – how do you determine if a backlink is bad and how to you get to check their appearance in websites? Is there a search function for this purpose?

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