Why Snapchat is changing the online marketing arena

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Why Snapchat is changing the online marketing arena

Why Snapchat is changing the online marketing arena
Because most big online marketing Gurus has started to sing Snapchat praises more and more lately I decided to take a closer look at what exactly this app has to offer the marketing world.

I was astonished to learn the following facts about Snapchat:

  • Over 61 percent of all smartphones users have now Snapchat installed.
  • Snapchat gets around 10 billion views on its videos every day!
  • It is now officially one of the biggest social networks in the world, growing from 2 billion views to 12 in just 12 months.
  • Snapchat users spend a lot of time inside the app, around 30 minutes every day on average
  • Half of its users are very active, using the app at least once a day
  • Snapchat has more active people than Twitter at the moment
  • It is now officially a normal social network, at first, most of its users were very young, now about half of them are over the age of 25.

So what makes Snapchat special?

Content that expires after a certain period of time.This may be the worst nightmare for any normal online marketer, content that goes "puff" after 24 hours. In fact, this may be a great marketing strategy because it urges the users to take immediate action. So we need to develop marketing stories that reflect all this "expiration" narrative.

Also because content will no longer exist after a certain period of time will make a lot of people feel "special" by promoting them the idea of exclusive products. People always want unique stuff that nobody else owns.

My advice is to keep in simple and straight to the point, apparently, Snapchat users have grown tired and over saturated by Instagram and Facebook's marketing techniques and are looking do develop more personal relationships between them and potential brand with products.


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Wow Snapchat is growing huh? I love this app its great for sending people private videos and messages.

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Very interesting Cristian thanks for posting this. As you know I was recently asking about Snapchat and if there is a demand for it, and whether or not or how businesses and marketers can take advantage of it. Because I've looked into it before and was surprised to see in fact that there are some really big names and brand and businesses out there that are using Snapchat to reach more minds, more eyes and for traffic and sales generation.

And that's the thing about Snapchat that makes it unique unlike any other social networking site or app like it. There isn't anything like it. Where the things you post to it only exist for a short while before puffing away into the abyssal ether.

So it forces you (if using it for business/marketing purposes) to be really creative in the things you post. And to make use of subliminal advertising as well. Unless you're just using it like Jkeyz and sending private videos and pictures to people. Why Snapchat is changing the online marketing arena

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I am not a fan of Snapchat because I cannot stand the fact that the message disappears after a few seconds. However, it could be that this ' unique' method appeals to many people, especially younger audiences. So, I do agree that in some cases using Snapchat as a marketing platform could be a good idea. Moreover, I am fully aware of the fact that Snapchat has a lot of avid users, most of which do use this app regularly. Apart from that I was intrigued by the fact that it seems to be more popular than Twitter, that's interesting, and mainly due to the way users use it. Man Twitter users are sort of like floating voters, they are not that attached to Twitter. But a good percentage of Snapchat users seem to have an addiction to it.

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I have never used Snapchat before but I noticed just today when I logged into my Webfliuential profile that you can connect your Snapchat account and that is the first time that I have paid any attention or thought about Snapchat.

Perviously when I heard about Snapchat my immediate thought was that I am just not interested. They must be growing very nicely to have Webfluential include them as a social channel. It is a new feature on Webfluential. I am sure it was not there a few days ago!

I'm not sure I could make Snapchat work for me though, it just sounds so unappealing with the content disappearing. I would think this would take a lot of work and effort and then what? It's all gone.

What am I missing here? Maybe I should actually use Snapchat to see what it is all about before dismissing it.

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I still don't see snapchat getting ahead of Facebook in the near future considering that Facebook is doing all it can to keep hold of its users.

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I am not on snapchat. The figures mentioned by the OP are amazing. Now I understand what I am missing my not using snapchat. I avoided using snapchat because I thought it was just a VOIP app. Now I understand, what an amazing marketing tool snapchat is.

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I agree that Snapchat is very popular with mobile users particularly with the young ones who enjoy the novelty. However don’t forget that the popularity of Snapchat may only be a trend for the moment that it will subside sooner or later because people simply get tired of novelties. I have asked around among the young ones about Snapchat and their opinion is same as mine that it is just a passing trend. If you will check on Alexa ranking, Twitter is #10 and Snapchat is number 2,200 which is way down below to say that Snapchat is more popular than Twitter.

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