How and why to disavow backlinks?

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How and why to disavow backlinks?

Hi guys. I heard many good things about "Disavow" tool which can be used do disalow backlinks from certain websites when you can't remove them.

In my case i have some website with number of backlinks from adult websites. Once i was running some competition and all contestants were required to put voting link on their website long long ago, but i notice that many websites still keeping that link even the competition is finished long time ago.

My website is not porno or adult related at all and i am interested if that backlinks hurting my website and would adding them to disavow help in my rankings? If yes then what steps i should do to get best results?


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Well, one thing I do know, is that adding links to the Disavow Tool, only tells Google to ignore those links. It doesn't actually remove those links from that site and you'll still have to go about cleaning them up and trying to remove them. To do that you can find the contact options for those sites. Some sites may have a contact us page with a form you can use. While others you may have to do a bit more digging to find the email address of the site owner. You can get that by doing a whois mostly unless they are using domain privacy. But you can also find out who the web host is and send them a message requesting them to remove the links as well. Most good web hosts will do that or forward the message onto the actual site owner for you.

But for the most part, you can just add those links to the Google Disavow Tool and it will ignore them and not attribute them in any way towards your rankings in the SERPS. Once they're added to the Disavow Tool, it's as though they don't exist simply because Google will completely disavow them.

However, not all links from adult sites can hurt your rankings. While most adult (pron) sites do get whacked since they mostly like to engage in nefarious link building schemes to try and increase their rankings. Many of them get whacked by Google for some reason. But if you already have a wide, diverse back link portfolio already, (links from any different sites). It probably wont hurt your rankings just keeping them and not disavowing them. The trick is to carry on building highly relevant and related links from sites in the same industry/niche as yours.

So much so that it kind of counters them out. Because if you have all these other high quality backlinks linking to your site. All the other not so good backlinks you have wont really have any significant impact on your sites rankings. And it could actually hinder and lower your rankings by disavowing them. Even though they are from adult sites.

The only thing to do is try it and see what happens to your rankings after about a month of doing it. If after a month there is no change then you'll probably be fine. But if there is a lowering of rankings, you could then go about building some better backlinks to improve your rankings, or, just un-disavow those links from the disavow tool and see what happens.

Hope this helps Abid! How and why to disavow backlinks?


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Mike thank you for such a detailed reply about using the disavow tool. I was wondering when the time to use this was.

I do think though that links from an adult site can't be great for promotion, for example if there are links to my mommy blog on an adult site I wouldn't feel great about that!

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Well i had this competition and backlinks more then 10 years ago when Google algorithms were completely different story and i do get traffic from that adult sites even now...
Also i know that i can't remove these links by adding them to disavow, but i was curious if they hurting my SERP or authority. So i may try to use your trick with testing to disavow and undisavow How and why to disavow backlinks?

Thanks Mike

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If you bought huge amounts of blackhat SOE backlinks and you want to remove them, well, that's going to be a pain in the ass!
I never understood the Google Disavow Tool, so if Google IGNORES the backlinks once you put them in this tool, why is it necessary to go and remove the manually?

Contacting dead or inactive websites can be a real pain, most of the black hat tools use hacking methods to great those backlinks and because they weren't removed, tell me that the admins are aware or worst yet, don't care about what is happening with parts of their website.

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OK! I have heard about the "Disavow tool" but I never thought of it in terms of adult websites. I just remember the blogging advice being to use the tool as sort of a last resort. It's a not a tool you want to use recklessly or carelessly.

How to Use Google’s Disavow Tool Correctly

Take away from this article: "There are some links that will hurt your site’s SEO if you don’t remove them."

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It looks like the Disavow tool is for disavowing the ownership of bad backlinks. First of all, I wonder why the site got backlinks from adult sites. But in fairness to adult sites, I have read in one article that there are millions of visitors that your backlink can be considered quality backlink from that site although I know that a decent site would be tainted with that kind of backlink.

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